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Thread: Bunny's Jax Worriors Build (Anodizing Pics are in.)

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    Thumbs up Bunny's Jax Worriors Build (Anodizing Pics are in.)

    Jax Worriors Build:

    This whole idea started when I realized I had one part for this build. AGDJon sold a few of his parts from his collection and it included a prototype E-mag Battery mount. I quickly snatched it up, but I really didn't have a purpose for it. Fast forward a few months and I recieve a milled e-mag frame with the battery terminal area milled out. What would I do with a battery mount and a milled gripframe? (I think it was a sign from the AGD gods ....)

    My idea was to "recreate" the modified e-mags AGD made for the Jax Worriors 10+ years ago. When I think of AGD paintball teams, the first one that comes to mind is the Jax Worriors. I think it would be a really fun project to base my build off of such a historical AGD paintball team. Lately, I have been on a kick with trying to recreate a few of my dream guns from back in the day. I slowly started to gather the rest of the parts and I think I'm pretty close to sending it out for a few modifications and anodizing.

    There were a few different types of modified e-mags, but I decided to base my build off of the "no-rise" version.

    Parts List:

    -Vert RT Barrel
    -Vert Dye BoomStick*
    -Vert S/S No Rise Body
    -RT Sight Rail
    -Emag Valve - (Thinking about Laser Engraving it)
    -ULE E-mag Rail with ULE Wings.
    -John Sosta GripFrame
    -AGDJohn Prototype Battery Holder
    -(2) Viewloader Foregrips*
    -Drop Forward
    -CCM Fitting

    *The Jax Worriors were sponsored by both Dye and Viewloader.

    Color: Gloss Black to Olive Green with a green argo trigger. (Caustic Customs)
    Mods: Luke Custom Milling for the foregrip, and ULE milling in the gripframe. (Luke's Custom)
    Special Parts: S/S Body sandblasted with a Viking pattern (Similar to Celtic Knots) (Caustic Customs)
    Special Parts: SPD Custom Designed Jax Worriors E-mag grips with the logo of the team (Stinger Paintball Design)
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    Woohoo my old parts made it into an awesome project! Can't wait to see it completed.

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    in for updates and upcomming epicness

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    I just got my parts back from Luke. They look great! I think i'm ready to send them to Caustic Customs.

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    Small Update: Gun was sent to Stephen @ Caustic Customs. Should be up soon.

    I was also messing around in photoshop today. I think I have my grips. My idea is that the entire gun acts as the sword for the design and the grips would be the shield.

    I tried to add the wood/iron/copper/leather textures to add to the effect.

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    triple mag shop.
    I like it.

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    Update 1:

    Sneak Peak

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    This is looking very promising Bunny! cant wait to see it done

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