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Thread: paintball sentry gun

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    paintball sentry gun

    I ran across this a while ago, but today I was blowing time while the turkey cooked and found myself laughing just as hard again. I used the search and came up with nothing to avoid a repeat post. Check it out, I think you'll laugh to!

    I think this is what I'll get for my home
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    That's pretty cool.

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    wonder how much it cost, minus the marker and computer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RT Lover View Post
    wonder how much it cost, minus the marker and computer?
    Look on there website - product page with price listing

    I guess the will be displayed on an upcoming discovery channel show. There are a couple more videos on there website and/or YouTube showing what it can do. Pretty amazing if you ask me. This would be ideal for capture the flag! I'm sure the flag would be guarded pretty safe.

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    I've seen that video. It's a oldie, but a goodie. Very cool stuff.

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    a half dozen would be neat for legends but i sure they are out of my price range.

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    The technology for this isn't that far out of reach.

    Most video compression software does motion estimation, and I'm sure that's what this is based off of. Find the biggest glob of moving vectors over a certain threshold and shoot it. If you watch the video, it only tracks movement; it doesn't actually recognize a facemask.

    Some of the hardware out there is capable of doing motion estimation in ... hardware. I think if you get that out of the way, the rest is less intensive. Until you get to recognition and range estimation...
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