Howdy! Want to sell off a few things I don't play with much, if at all...if it's sat for over a year, it should probably go. That being said - most of these have sat for at least a year. I will try to address any issues with a specific gun if there is any.

1st up: Gotch-Ya Deuce with Wood Furniture

Comes with original pump handle as well. I used this in a game a little over a year ago - one of my fondest memories of playing paintball was with this that game - made a run up dorito side, googed two people with a double hit, and got the guy playing home...needless to say I called myself out after that run - being winded and everything, maybe I should stop eating twinkles or something.

Worked great last time it was used, two stage trigger worked great - the power tubes are different - came that way to me, but again it's been sitting for over a year.

$600us Plus Shipping - I DON'T SHIP TO THE USA

ok...I do ship to the States....just hate when people say they won't ship up here...takes two minutes to fill out the paperwork :/

2nd. Racegun - currently in the shop - is ready to go, I've never shot it - Rage01 did the work, so it's Legit as Funbags.

$430us plus shipping - ok, might ship this one to the US of A as well...maybe

3rd. Automag Pistol

Never shot this one as well - was told an empire spring feed will fit on the nub that is the feed neck - it's been cutdown. I did air it up, and dry fired it, scaring my I put it back on the wall. Does not come with the drop out 12g changer nor the bottom line...powdercoat is a little worn here and there - lets call this a project shall we!

This one I will ship to the States - $119.73 plus shipping with a little haggling to be done.

5th up is this PTP Micro E-Mag.

No Valve, I never shot this, no plug, no charger...BUT...if your name is K-Dog...this project has your name written all over it! Ok, well - only on the battery case, but yeah. Battery held charge - 1.37 lowers I do believe.

$350us plus shipping will take this - discount given to K-Dog

6th Marker today is a Custom K-Frame Pump Mag done by Suaze, the purple highlights really enhance your sexual frustrations on the field. It is stock class, uber short pump, heavy trigger - which could probably be adjusted, but who knows...not I.

$550us plus the shipping - no freak inserts included unless you want a .69 something or other. Release your Tension and buy this shooter

7th. Top one

Suaze's work again, PGP with a Brass K-Frame, shoots, no idea on velocity...holds air and stuff. If this doesn't sell I'm swapping a black K-Frame for the Brass darn it!

Top one:

$400 plus the shipping in US funds

8th....... nah, you guys wouldn't be interested in this - there is already a Duck onto #9

#9. This guys sells coveralls here...if you are interested, I can probably get his number for you

10. B-Reals Stoned Assassins Jersey - yes, he wore this one - I think he wore Old Spice, and it's SIGNED!!! Just not by B-Real...Lasoya signed it LOLOLLLLooooLOLLlol and stuff, no really, he signed it for me hehe

$125 plus shipping

11th - Mod 85 Semi - Shipped ONLY within Canada - sorry but it will get flagged at the border

I have 200 rounds of each give or take, the paint being as old as it is, is well...old - two clips

$285 shipped in Canada

12th - Scarmanga Double Barrel Phantom - Super Game 44? or 45?...haven't looked in a while

I shot this in the backyard, that's about it - has a fairly manly pump stroke, comes with a wood case as seen in the pic - no 12grams or tubes sorry...I know I know. It has been used, condition is pretty good, can take more pictures with my awesome iPhone is need be.

$700 Plus shipping

13th - This DSG that vv0mp was trying to backup on accidentally.

Used it in one game. Tried to use a dummy 12g and run a constant air line, ended up putting an idiot mark on it. Anno was done by the Tonsixers for me. Serial # 225, no barrel sorry.

will take a photo on the idiot mark tomorrow

$585 (almost half off lol) plus shipping

14th Milsig K-Series

Got it in a trade, 5 mags, I never shot it in a game, put a mag through it 2yrs ago...hanging ever since

$325us plus shipping

I'll add more stuff....I'm tired, and have had a few beers. Will look at trades, but mostly need to sell to fund stuff and things, stuff that might be for sale right here even.

More photo's on request