A quick note

I ship from canada so we will figure out shipping(not included in price)
I am always open to trades either in my favor or for stuff I actually need
On the fence make an offer ... worst I can say is no thanks
I will part but only if the price is right .... make me an offer I cant Refuse
Have a question, concern, dirty joke ... pm me or post it up here
Need a part that I dont have listed .... ask and I may very well have it
All payments in USD please

That being said let us begin ... prices are obo so lmk if I'm off on price

1)Oracle pump sniper ---> $300
-super smooth and shoots perfect 280
-no barrel
-Brand New Silver to Black gloss fade orracle body and back block
-Vendetta Pump Kit
-Single finger trigger frame
-CP Regulator
-SP Asa (silver, not the one pictured)
-CCM feedneck
-CIP internals
-WPG slider frame with roller bearing
-CCM Bolt and pin

2)Camo SM-1 ---> $325
-shoots 280 but could use a softer spring kit to make it perfect
-will have grips soon and can add a duckbill asa
-black barrel
-wgp reg

3)ccmd Shocktech ---> $300
-shoots 280
-no barrel
-has wear on back of frame
-cp regulator

4) Mutant Minimag --->$80
-was having some issues getting the velocity above 250 before leaking
-minimag body
-classic rail
-angled forgrip mount
-classic valve with ANS back
-benchmark frame which was dremmled inside at some point for pneumag

5) classic mag --->$90
-works perfect and shoots in the 280
-classic valve with matching front and back
-classic RF body, rail, frame and basic black twistlock
-angled plastidipped foregrip

6) funky mag kit --->$225
-shortened ULE body?
-classic rail
-benchmark frame
-ribbed grip
-there is some pitting on the body but the anno hides it well