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Thread: BeefyDan's for sale and trade thread

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    BeefyDan's for sale and trade thread

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    Well I suppose I ought to list some prices or something for these items.
    1. Heavy, steel twistlock barrel. 13 inches. Used maybe twice. $15
    2.Dye Ultralight barrel standard feed. Never had a ball fired through it. $25
    3.Automag classic mainbody. No clue where this came from, found it in an old box. $20
    4.C/F frame-trigger is there, but the pin and the safety hardware are not. $15
    5.Power tube spacer kit. They are all there, I believe. Never had to use one. Comes with a lvl 7 tip as well $20
    6.Twistlock Pin. $10,$8 with another item
    7.AGD Backbottle adapter. Was abused with visegrips or channel locks previous to me. I polished out the rough spots on the top and bottom, when mounted, they don't show much. $12,$10 with another item
    8.BNIB ACI Spyder Volumizer. $10,$8 with another item.
    9.Micro Emag 2000 valve. Great shape, very little wear, matching numbers. Will trade for a MicroRt Valve. Or $90. Pending....
    10.A.I.R. valve. Good shape, matching front and back, functions great. Fitting included. $35

    As stated above, my ultimate goal is the MicroMag Rt, or barring that, a classic Micromag valve will suffice. I will trade, barter or haggle any of these parts to achieve that, within reason.
    A couple of other items that I will entertain trades on:
    Front and back frame screws (X2 sets)

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    EMAG MICRO 2000 -I have the hull of an X-Valve to trade with a Level 7\ ULT, but it's missing some parts because I tortured it with an Easy Out. (see thread in the Tech section with Luke's final verdict - broke off CCM fitting etc.) It should work great, if it doesn't you can send it back to me and void the trade.

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    I'll buy the eMicro valve for $90.

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    the microEmag valve is gone. i am still looking for the Micromag valve.

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