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Thread: 3 Sydarms ?

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    Jeet yet ?

    Question 3 Sydarms ?

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    waiting for winter
    quite often lately since they are so pricey they havn't moved.

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    same ones have been there for a while. $200 and I would buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDPredator View Post
    same ones have been there for a while. $200 and I would buy one.
    ive only done that once, and they were in very dirty condition.
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    Not too worried about dirty guns, I can usually fix most stuff. The mag I am buying in a month is dirty and leaks but it has three regs and enough parts for two more guns minus the bodies and rails. They guy selling it just wants to get rid of it. I had owned mags for over 12 years, so I am very confident I can put them back together

    Now for sydarms, not too keen on how they work, but they can probably be cleaned up and put into working order.

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