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    Movie re-makes

    I suppose that when you run out of original ideas you just re-make a movie. So here's my idea.
    THE WIZARD OF OZ (Voice announcement like monster truck promo's ,dramatic music and explosion sounds in background)
    (Same voice) They've dropped a house on a witch, now their going to Emerald City to shutdown the Wizard!
    Sylvester Stallone as Dorothy..."There's no place like home, unless it's L.A."

    Dolf Lungren as Tinman..." Who needs a heart?"

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as Scarecrow..." If I'd only used my brain"

    Jesse Ventura as Lion... " I got courage, I was Governor"

    AND ! Cujo as Toto..."Growl, slobber, bite throats."

    Special appearances by
    Anna Silk as Glinda (Just for Hotness)
    Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris, and Dwayne Johnson as The Lolly Pop Guild.
    Mel Gibbson as "The Great and Powerful Oz, yep that's me"
    Lookout! There's going to be some yellow brick road rage!!!
    coming soon to a theater near you, some scenes may be inappropriate for ...well everyone.
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    Sounds like you just wrote the script for 'expendables 3'...only they will leave wizard out of it to avoid paying royalty fees

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