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Thread: WTB Warp Feed

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    WTB Warp Feed

    Looking for a functional warp feed with PTP adapter and if possible a 12v mod done. I don't really need vibration sensor for the fact that it will be hooked up to a stock Angel LCD board. Also if ya got an Angle threaded warp feedneck I need one of those too!! Willing to spend up to $140-150 shipped! Let me know if you can help me out! Thanks y'all!!


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    I have a clear , single 9 volt , switched , with tubing and brackets, PTP adpt ,,, I have a old angel threaded stovepipe CCM feedneck that would work I do believe ( have to mod ) PM me

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    Pm sent to you, maniacmechanic, you fine sir!

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    Got one thanks maniacmechanic!!!

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