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Thread: E-mag w X-valve, Mini w l10 E-valve, 68 classic w stabilizer

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    E-mag w X-valve, Mini w l10 E-valve, 68 classic w stabilizer

    Have three markers for sale:

    1. E-mag AGD 1.37, X-valve & kit, charger, shocktech drop forward, J&J ceramic barrel, 68/4500 smart parts max flow tank with neoprene cover (only one year left on tank hence lower price). $475

    2. Mini mag, E-valve, level 10 bolt & kit, mini mag barrel, fore grip, ss hose. $200

    3. 68 Classic Mag, Palmer CO2 stabilizer, RT barrel, ss quick disconnect, extra bolt. $125 (add a level 10 bolt and this is one of the nicest CO2 markers you will find under $200)

    4. Felon titanium 9" barrel green powdercoat for R or L feed twist lock. $50

    Some info from here:
    "FELON Barrels: as published by Industry News: July 1, 1995
    There is a new high quality barrel on the market. The Felon Barrel for both the autococker and automag greatly increases accuracy and range, while at the same time being very silent and air effictient. These one piece barrels are machined from aero-space grade, aluminum rods, then plated with nickel. The result is a very strong, high quality barrel that will never tarnish and resists scratching. Combining the mirror like polish with the smaller holes on the sides allows the barrel to more rapidly clear itself of paint. Already a success in the MidWest, the FELON Barrel has proven to be the next revolution in the paintball industry.
    FELON BARRELS are manufactured using the same technique
    and the same high quality materials used in the aerospace and defense industries.
    MSRP $125"
    There seems to be conflicting evidence that these barrels were made from both titanium and aluminum/nickel. If anyone has additional info to share I would appreciate it. I will see if I can test for Ti vs Al later sometime this week.

    Equipment was adult owned and maintained until it was shelved a few years back. I upgraded to the X-valve and E-valve with level 10 shortly before getting out of the sport so both are like new with all carriers and o-rings from kit. Markers will probably need some oil and tuning to get in top shape.

    Only looking to sell, no trades.
    Am in 92109 San Diego if local.

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    PM sent with barrel questions

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    Lowered Prices, Happy New Year!

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