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So what we have here would be a green feed neck adapter screwed into the body, and then the silver neck thingy screwed into that, then another thingy to go from threads to no-threads, and then the empire spring feed housing itself to get to the spring feed.

These are all well crafted solutions to a problem which *never should have existed in the first place*.

The greatest irony is that we have feed necks because paintball started with tube feeds to begin with. In the days of stick feeds, it made sense. Tube goes into tube, fine. But then someone decided to stick a motor oil can or something on the feed neck, and *POW* feed necks as structural components. And we still haven’t managed to ditch this completely legacy contraption. It’s a vestigial holdover from the bad old days. And now to get a tube feed back onto the gun, you’ve got to go through 4 different parts.

The curious design matter here is the fact that someone took a look at what CCM was doing, and decided to replicate… the feed neck threads!?

Why not replicate the two-hole body mounting system, or something similar to that?! The bodies probably won’t be the same diameter, but that’s a minor issue.

You already solved the same exact problem on the BOTTOM of the body, where it is mounted to the rail/grip frame. Just solve it again on the top around the feed hole. Just like CCM did. Just like Spyder did. Just like BT did.

The customer can still have a retarded feedneck if that’s his desire (and it will likely be lower profile). If not, it’s nearly completely removable. And far easier to make other feed accessories for. Like, say, a direct spring feed housing that doesn’t literally require 3 other pieces to attach and still sits more than an inch higher than necessary anyways.

Instead, what you now have is a weld job that you can’t even bear to look at, so you cover it up with plastic, and a non-removable feedneck stump that sits like 1” above the body by itself? When did high-rise bodies come back in style?

I like the fact that someone is trying to do an affordable aluminum mag body.

But they clearly didn’t clean-slate this one. "Let's just do one like the others, but cheaper."