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Thread: Looking for Automag or Automag RT Pro - Xvalve would be awesome. Offer up!

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    Talking Looking for Automag or Automag RT Pro - Xvalve would be awesome. Offer up!

    Ahoi there Automag forum

    Now I realize you guys will likely harbor some mistrust towards the guy with only 1 post - however I can assure you I have done enough trading, haggling and buying in the past on the A5og, where you could check my Itrader feedback (which ought to be flawless, if you don't have an account I can send you a screenshot ^^).

    Having finished my A5 project for now, leaving the milsim part of paintball to itself for a while, I am now in the market for something more speedball-y, however still mechanical and something I can tinker with. Enter the Automag. From what I've read, I should probably go for a RT Pro (Pro since that one is compatible with the Xvalve), but I'd be interested in your standard everyday automag as well.

    Note: Xvalve is entirely optional. Currently I'm mostly just looking for a platform to start from.

    I paypal fast, note however that I am located in merry old Europe - I'll cover full shipping though

    So throw stuff at me (with a price please), worst I can say is no. I intend to respond to all offers, however should my inbox go insane, I may not be able to get back to everyone - in that case I apologize in advance.

    Got a valve
    Got a Barrel
    Getting a body

    Looking for:

    RT Pro Rail and sear
    Trigger Frame

    Deadlywinds grip (maybe - but if you got other great looking grips, feel free to offer)
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