I saw Coin a few weeks ago and was so impressed that I decided to order one. Since we're mostly like-minded in terms of gadgetry, I was wondering if you guys have seen it and what you think of it?

If you haven't already seen it and don't feel like blindly following a link, I'll briefly explain it. It's an electronic device, the size and shape of a credit card that stores the info for your credit cards, so you only have to carry it instead of all of your cards. It works with any magnetic strip card (credit/debit/gift/loyalty/access). It communicates with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 to get the card information and for security features.

I thought it was a cool concept. Follow the link to watch a video on it and read the FAQs. Pretty much any concern you may want to ask me about it probably already covered in there.

The link is my personal referral link. So, if you decide to order one, use my link and I'll get credit toward mine.