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Thread: Stop Wasting Texts From Strangers !

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    Exclamation Stop Wasting Texts From Strangers !

    Ever get a text from someone that you have no idea who they are ?

    Stop wasting them !

    If they are too dumb to input the right number in their 700 dollar smart phone its our solemn duty to our fearless leader (AGD) to have some fun with them !

    One from today....

    From a while back....

    Keep it clean for the forum and have fun, and post up your screen shots !

    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." Thomas Jefferson

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    I don't really get random texts, but I do get personal emails from people who think I'm somebody they know. I've gotten a ton of vacation photos, email confirmations for flight tickets, hotel reservations, charity event confirmations, business project collaborations, school project emails, etc. It's always kinda awkward when I email back and tell the sender that I'm not who they think I am - perhaps they got the email address wrong. Most will thank me for letting them know.

    My aunt and uncle get a Christmas family newsletter - and have for about the past 15 years - from a family they do not know at all. But over the years they've learned quite a bit about the kids growing up, pictures, etc. They look forward to reconnecting with their phantom family each year and post the newsletter on their fridge for the rest of our family to read when we get together. It's kind of a running joke now.

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    Being that I was the first one on gmail with my last name and first initial, I get a lot of email for wannabes, who cannot remember their own email address. One of these was a dude who signed up for United's Mileage Plus program. I was arguing back and forth with UAL's web services people to remove my email address from his profile for about a month before I had a revelation. I realized that with the information that UAL had sent me about this user, trusting that he had entered his correct email address, I could request a password reset and take over his account. Being the upstanding individual I am, I did not do that. Instead, I informed UAL's web services idiots of this security hole and told them to fix their app to only allow unique primary email addresses. They promptly removed my email address from his account.

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    Question Inputting The Right Number ?

    Long story, I'll try to shorten it.

    The local electric utility had something go very wrong and was feeding 220/440 into my place but little to no 110.

    Well that burnt just about everything up, and now I need to file a claim for damages.

    Talked to an AC contractor about getting an estimate on the heat pump/ac unit.

    He said to take a pic of the label on the unit and text it to him with my address etc.

    So did that, the response came back as "?" .

    That made me wonder what was going on, I did as he asked.

    Well I was one number off in sending it to him.

    I had just texted all my info to a stranger !

    So I texted the stranger:

    "Thats where the bodies are buried"

    "Tell Guido"

    Their response was "I think you have the wrong number"

    I didnt save a screen shot because of all my info, well you get the rest of it.........

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