Ah the joy of retail
Phone rings
Me "hello how may I help you"
Arsehat mcgee "hello this is Tom from Western Union agent number blah blah"
Me "sigh no you're not western union emails us they don't call...go suck a draino cocktail scammer..have a nice day.." hangs up
Phone rings
Me " hello.."
Goatsucker needledick " you ***** I'm trying to make a honest living how dare..."
Me " honest you're a scammer a thief how is that honest"
Twitface mcdork " this is a third world country you have no ide..."
Me "oh screw you I grew up on a reservation a third world in a first world country no guilt trip for me...******* work and stop being a parasite."
now mind you they try this at least 4 times a week and it never works...blah
i think ill just start singing im a little teapot at them at the top of my lungs