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Thread: B/S/T pricing

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    B/S/T pricing

    People have the right to ask what they want but if you see someone asking a crazy high number do you inform seller of current market value, or be quite and let him figure it out. Just wondering

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    I think technically you're not supposed to say anything publicly, but it's done. A polite PM never hurts.

    Depends on the situation, too. If it's something common like a stock Minimag which sell all the time, and someone is asking $400, they probably ought to know whats what. If it's one of only 10 whatchamacallits ever made for $800, but one sold last year for $400 and another the year before for $1000, it's probably not worth saying anything seeing as there's not really enough information to determine what a reasonable price should be.

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    I try to save my pricing commentaries for new members or someone that seems to be out of the loop, maybe an old member that hasn't been around for awhile and is still thinking XMags are selling for $1500. With that said, I find most times people don't like to be publicly called out on their pricing. Usually don't like to privately either, but they make less of a fuss that way.

    On that note, there have been a few lately in the BST's on various forums that seem to either be shooting for the moon or just not up on current prices.
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    I think nothing should be said. Most people have a reason for posting the price they do. The reason might be lack of knowledge. But there are other reasons as well.

    I think you should never give pricing advise publically unless it was asked for. It was a bannable offence on one of the spyder boards I used to be a mod on. I feel it should be.

    If its a item you are interested in. Simply PM the seller a offer that you think is polite. To me polite does not include telling them that their price is to high and what they should be seling for. Just make it a simply friendly offer.

    On the oppiste. If someone posts a item extremely low I see no issue letting them know privatly that its worth more.
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    I agree to holding your tongue or a mature pm. Although when it comes to people asking way too much for shipping I feel like I need to say something. Mainly cause shipping can be calculated and tends to be the same everywhere. Mainly guys on eBay trying to get extra cash but I have seen it on some forums. Nothing like a $10 barrel costing $40 to ship.

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