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Thread: price drop on z body and barrel

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    I've been watching this one patiently. I wish I knew that reserve though.

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    Bought by me!
    Sorry, I've been waiting on a complete set with a working nubbin forever.

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    glad to help

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    there's been a second one on ebay but its been higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintage View Post
    glad to help
    So funny that you can almost find the E-Bay seller of Mag items here on AO. Thank you for selling that (if it was you). About 12 years ago I had a dust black Z-Body with the barrel and a Z-Frame (my super Z-Mag). Ran into a patch when I was short on cash and sold it. Regretted it ever since.

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    wasn't me. I just spend too much time(money) on ebay.

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