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    My Mags

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    The camo one has the black box mod on it with 8 hole mod to the reg.

    The other is a standard level 7.

    3 HPA tanks out of date since 2002

    One VL2000 still had a 9v duracell with install by date of Aug 2001 LOL

    Both are dirty, need cleanup, especially paint stripping on the camo one, then new o-rings all around for both guns, the three tanks need rehydro and probably reg seals and orings.

    The guy that had them is a family friend. He said take them home, make sure they work, then make him an offer. I am thinking about $400 to 600 pending if the tanks pass rehydro.

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    What's the born on date for the tanks? If they are CF wrapped tanks they only have a 15 year lifespan. If they went out of hydro in 2002, they may have been made in 97 making them unable to be rehydroed. To be quite honest I wouldn't offer more than $150-175 for the lot. Both frames are cut making them worth less. Basically bone stock Mags with uncut frames are selling for $75-100. Generic soft goods. Those horizontal pod packs sell for $10-15 new.

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    Value...each gun is worth about $75. Add another $25 for the air thru about $200.

    The tanks and other gear is basically worthless. If the tanks were in hydro that might add a bit but not enough to get the package into the $400 range. Personally even if the tanks were in hydro I would offer about $ they are not...$200.

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    is that camo one an autoresponse frame with a 2x shoe on it?

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    I just gassed both up, the camo one is a standard trigger, no RT, .45 frame with double trigger. Camo gun shoots, minor leak at the valve at the fittings, nothing white tape cannot fix.

    Standard looking mag, leaks down the barrel and fittings, again an easy fix.

    I plan on stripping the camo and rebuilding the internals of each gun. These things have literally sat gunked up and un-used since 2001 or 2002.

    The two black tanks 4/96 birth dates (useless), grey pmi tank 9/2002 birth date (dies 2017), may need regulator rebuild, not sure.

    All in all, not a bad score.

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