AO: How's it going guys? While putting together the P.E Anodizing thread I decided the best way to organize the information was to put it in the AO Archive. Since P.E and S.P shared the same type of patterns it started to get really confusing on how to identify which parts were which.

Take a look at the information and let me know what you think. It is not 100% accurate by any means, but I feel like we at least need to put the information together to make sense of it all.

There are a lot of great pictures and content in each article so please read and enjoy!

Planet Eclipse Articles:

Planet Eclipse Automag

Planet Eclipse RT

Planet Eclipse Micromag

Planet Eclipse: Anodizing Pattern I.D Guide

Planet Eclipse: Splash Kits I.D Guide

Planet Eclipse: Accessories

Planet Eclipse: Brochure and Magazine Scans

History behind Planet Eclipse

Smart Parts Articles:

"SmartMag" and the "Magic Box"

Smart Parts: Anodizing Pattern I.D Guide

Smart Parts: Splash Kits I.D Guide

Smart Parts: Brochure and Magazine Scans