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Thread: AO Archives: "Old School" Picture Gallery from 99

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    Cool AO Archives: "Old School" Picture Gallery from 99

    AO: Since we are reminiscing of the old days, I posted up the picture gallery that use to be on the original from 1999. Take a look!

    AO Archives: Old School Picture Gallery

    Btw, I have been trying to figure out the best way to implement picture galleries on AO. I decided to sign up for It is a pretty cool website that will host all of our pictures. I decided to pay a little extra and received hosting for "life." (whatever that means, lol) I thought about having AO host them, but I don't want to have another attachment disaster that hit us in the early 2000's. Cincopa is pretty cool because I can update the look of the picture galleries on the fly and I don't have to recode the html every time I want to change something. I also have unlimited upload and bandwidth for my account.

    The other feature I really like is that I can enable the "download" function. That way, if you really like the picture gallery I compiled, you can download all the pictures to your PC. Another backup procedure that I'm working on is embedding the pictures directly onto the AO server incase Cincopa goes bankrupt or something, but I need to compile all of the galleries first. My main goal is to have AO backed up and preserved for a very long time.

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    Wait what...why cant I open them... Jenny...Jenny I need that one to open GRRR

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    Flatliner333, click the link below the picture in the thread and the picture gallery should be embedded in the article. Scoll down and enjoy!

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    Flatliner just dropped his other ball.

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