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Thread: WTB: Smart Parts Wood Grips *FOUND*

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    Exclamation WTB: Smart Parts Wood Grips *FOUND*

    AO: I'm looking for a pair of Smart Parts wood grips in Blue if possible. I'm not sure how rare the blue ones were, but I would also settle for a set of regular ones as well.

    Edit** I'm looking for either Blue or Purple in 45 grip panels.

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    I think the blue ones are the rarest ones. I have been looking for some for the last few years. I do have a red set here:

    I will pm you.

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    I have some new sets in the package...but they are not blue...and are NOT for sale!
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    Thanks for all the messages so far. I forgot to say I'm looking for 45 only. I would take normal wood color, blue, or purple.

    Tuna, I'm jealous.

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