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Thread: E-mag troubles

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    E-mag troubles

    So I decided to break out my old E-mag and found some issues trying to get it field ready. Was leaking like crazy so a broke the valve down and replace the o-rings but it started hissing air out of the back of the valve. I screwed the back half of one of my x-valves on and it worked fine so I'm guessing the reg piston needs to be replaced. Any idea if this one will work since I still have a credit here?
    Also found that my battery is swollen and covered in acid. Is there another option out there besides the AGD replacement battery for $80?
    ...And one more thing. Where can I find a good anodizer? The places I've tried aren't in business anymore. Thanks

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    I had the same problem with my emag leaking out the back. The piston you need is an rt high pressure piston. I believe the one in your link is a regular automag piston. The hp rt piston is closer to 26 bucks. I got mine from Tuna.
    Hope this helps.
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    If you are running the level 10 bolt, then you need the high pressure regulator piston. If you have the level 7 bolt installed, then the one you have is fine and the leak is probably due to a regulator seat oring leak or a regulator piston oring leak. The one pictured is the correct one no matter what. Tunaman here on AO is probably the best guy to purchase one from. He has good stock and great prices on AGD parts and will get it to you really fast.

    The battery can be rebuilt at any local battery store for much less than the AGD price. The newer batteries also have much greater capacity which is nice.
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