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Thread: ScreamingShiek's Markers

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    ScreamingShiek's Markers

    Decided to put up my medium sized collection.

    The Mags

    My main shooter
    Unique Milled Slug Body (Takes Shocker detents)
    Toxic Rail (25 of 25)
    Emax Valve
    AGD 3.2 Lowers with toggle switch

    ULE Body
    Custom Milled RT Pro rail
    Emag Valve
    AGD 1.37 Lowers

    XMT Minimag Body
    Helium Rail (7 of 15)
    RT Pro Valve
    Powerlyte Gripstyx Frame

    Xtreme Depot IT Body
    Logic Alpha Rail
    Xvalve with ULT
    Winged Z-Grip
    VD Evo Grip

    Mini ULE Body (Pump Milled)
    Dallara Rail (ULE'd)
    Xvalve with ULT
    Logic 90 Frame

    Mini Tac One Body
    AGD ULE Rail
    ReTro Valve
    Benchmark Frame
    Cosmetic wood shroud. Nothing underneath though I may stash pneumatics there at some point.

    CF SS Emag Body (Pump milled)
    Taso Rail (Factory milled)
    Classic Valve
    32 Degrees Frame
    Rainman kit

    RF SS Automag Body (Pump milled obviously)
    Taso Rail (Factory Milled)
    Classic Valve
    Powerlyte Gripstyx Frame
    Rainman Kit

    The Pumps

    My main pump
    WGP 2K2 Body
    Dye Frame
    Sanchez Machine Kit

    FBM 2K Teardrop Body (No detent hole drilled)
    Benchmark Frame
    CCM Kit

    Unknown Mini Halfblock Body
    CCM 86 Frame
    WGP Kit with Jcurt Sled and bolt

    Brass Eagle Cobra
    Crosman stock cut to take a drop for running a 22ci tank

    Piranha Short Barrel
    Cocker frame drilled to bolt to the bottom Currently it's in pieces due to the body getting damaged.

    Sheridan PGP
    Stock except for the pump handle and grips.

    The Rest

    Macdev Tactical Drone

    WDP Angel 05 Speed
    Virtue Board
    90 Frame

    BT4 Combat
    T2W Stock
    Rufus Dawg bolt
    Trinity shroud

    Crosman 3357 Spotmarker
    Awaiting a fix for the barrel latch problem. Other 3357 owners will know what I'm talking about.

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    nice collection. you need to bring some of these to Tunaball and show them off or come up for PolarBears vs Penguins game on the 26th.

    on MCB, PM chplnstone about the 3357 barrel latch. he has done a little work to them and might have the parts for it.

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