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    Camping At CPX


    About half of the group going with me is going to go for the CPX camping - We will need space for at least 4 pretty good sized tents -

    I will not be arriving until late Afternoon Friday and would like to try and camp relatively near some AOers I can finally put names to faces with until the alcohol kicks in.

    Can someone flag off 4-6 good sized sites for my crew?

    Can you park near your camp site or are all vehicles sent to the parking lot?

    Thanks for any assistance

    Assuming a Tent + personal space area to be roughly 10X10 I will try and keep a running tally based on replies to this post to how big a chunk of real-estate we need-

    StygShore - 4 tents + 2 Table +2 Canopy
    BTAutoMag - 2 tents
    Skipdogg - 2 tents
    Andrum85 - 1 Tent 1 Pop Up Canopy
    BBotts77 - 2 Pop up Canopies for common area
    Syko89 - 2 Tents
    Nobody - 1 Canopy +1 Table
    Andrum85 - 1 Tent +1 Table +1 Canopy
    RT Lover - Relaxing in the Pool
    Flatliner - 1 Canopy + 2 tables
    Vintage - 1 Canopy + 1 table

    Assuming camping space will also be staging space based on the newly published maps I know several people have contacted me and said they are no longer camping but wish to maintain their space for staging

    If anyone lives close and has extra staging gear, I'm sure there are a lot of people travelling that don't have the luxury of hauling that stuff around with them.
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