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Thread: crazy air leaks

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    crazy air leaks

    current set up is a minimag with nothing special--had a slight leak when I got it but thanks to this forum I got the idea to replace a few o-rings and put oil in it and the leak down the barrel stopped. I then got a intelliframe and instant crazy leaks. now it is leaking out the back and down the barrel. I put new a new reg seat oring in and that did not help. I got it used and it had not been used in a while so is it possible I just need the reg rebuilt?

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    All that's happened is that one of the o-rings have popped or has become compromised with use and air pressure. The nice things about automags is that they are easily fixable if they go down.

    ------------[ If it leaks down the barrel, it is coming from one of two sources].
    -----(1) it's either the powertube o-ring, or
    -----(2) on/off valve assembly orings

    (a) if leaking w/o pulling the trigger (POWER TUBE AREA)
    ---- power tube o-ring.
    ---- it will be a 010 oring, and it needs to be behind the spacer (tip, spacer, then oring)
    ---- even if you replaced it with a new one, the new o-ring could be bad (it does happen due to storage times or was bad to begin with). Replace it with a completely new one.

    (b) if leaking when the trigger is pulled (ON/OFF ASSEMBLY AREA),
    ---- it is one of the o-rings in the on/off assembly.
    ---- those sizes are (2) 010 orings, and (2) 006 orings............on the bottom of the valve there is even a diagram on how to install/rebuild it

    ------------[ If it leaks out of the back of the valve, it is coming from one of two sources]:
    -----(1) piston o-ring.........should be a 012 sized oring, or
    -----(2) polyurethane pressure disk (inside of the piston itself) has failed....................rarer for this to happen so try to replace the piston o-ring first

    ------------[If it leaks in the middle of the valve, replace o-ring that combines the valve and the back half]
    -----it should be a 116

    Here is a visual guide to use on the rebuild process of the valve.

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    Replaced every single o-ring and no leaks now! Thanks for the advice.

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