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Thread: Warped ULE E-Mag double feeding

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    Warped ULE E-Mag double feeding

    My warp-fed E-Mag with warp-left ULE body was doublefeeding every 50 shots or so this last Saturday.
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    I have a single rechargeable Li-Ion 9V battery running the Warp (the extra battery you see in there is a spare), so I am not pushing large amounts of power through the warp. I have the dwell set to spin probably enough to feed two balls every shot, but any less and I would be afraid it would not spin enough.

    I have a Kila magnetic detent on there, and it looks like it is protruding far enough into the body. When I push it down it feels fine. Other than the detent I can't think of anything else that might be causing the double feeds, so I would try to replace that next. I had gotten that Kila detent maybe 5 years ago after the original detent blew out, but I hadn't played in a while so it doesn't have that many cases through it, maybe 10. I had picked the Kila because I thought it would last longer and wouldn't require maintenance because it was magnetic. Could it have worn out? Like I said it feels fine tome. If I need to replace it, any pointers which detent would have the strongest force?

    Could something else be causing my double-feeding? The level 10 was kicking in, and I was breaking balls, more often than I remember. The paint was on the smaller side, my .682 was probably the correct size match, but I tried both a size bigger and smaller, with no apparent different in number of breaks.

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    Thise kilas are nothing but trouble on mags. Put a stock detent back in and try it.

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