Hi guys,

Looking to sell/trade a few of my unneeded items.

First off is an 04 Viking/Evil M hammer cartridge. This came out of the featherlite I just bought. I took it apart and lubed/rebuilt everything but in the process my three prong tool slipped and scratched up the back. Being that I'm OCD about everything looking perfect I'm going to buy a new one. Pick this one up at a HUGE discount Cartridge only NO internals $20 Shipped OBO

Gloss Black Bart Parts AKA Clamping feedneck
Again, this came on my featherlite but I wont be using it. Great condition, probably 9/10 if not better. SOLD

Dust Black Stella freak kit.
Freak Back, .697 front, 14in tip. This is literally in mint condition. The only reason I am selling it is to buy a raw one to match anno to my gun. $70 shipped OBO

Ninja 62/3000 hydro: 8/13
Great condition only used a couple times.
Has a sprayed on rubber butt and front cover. $40 shipped

Barrel and tank pics coming soon

Gloss Black AKA Javelin
AKA gun bag
Gloss Black CP mini direct mount
Other AKA stuff