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Thread: rt classic valve problem

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    rt classic valve problem

    on top of the fact neither one of my classics rt worth a crap I can't keep one of them from leaking out the adjustment hole in the back of the valve. I replaced the regulator piston and the regulator piston assy. with new ones from AGD. I can take it apart, put it back together and maybe get one shot off before it leaks again and the trigger pull is awful. the new gauge on the on/off is reading 850 psi. the more I increase the velocity the less it seems to leak.

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    Pull the main pin out of the center and check the 2 tiny orings and the little plastic clip. The only time I've ever had that issue. After fighting with it for 3 hours and 2 tanks of air. I felt like a moron when I found the problem to be them tiny orings and that clip.

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