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Thread: another european type powerfeed rt on ebay

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    another european type powerfeed rt on ebay

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    Wow. Low serial number as well...

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    Uh oh... Looks like ill be bidding on this one. Its my old football number.

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    Even though the Superbowl sucked this year and I lost both of my bets for the Bronco's to win the superbowl, I won the auction and the gun is coming home to me Thanks for posting it up. I've been looking for a nice early automag rt for a while and this one was perfect to add to my collection.

    World Cup 1996:
    Unlike many products that are announced, and not released for many months, the RT is ready today, in fact, Automag RT's serial numbered 41 through 100 were made available for sale here at the World Cup.
    It's pretty cool to know that this automag was sold at the World Cup in 96

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    Got the Automag RT and a bonus Spoon with it. What a great deal

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    Other than the grip frame, the lines on that marker are exceptionally clean.

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    Hey Bunny:

    If you need/want an original RT Barrel or Site Rail for it I think I have some new ones from Classic RT's in storage. PM me if so.

    Want a gun? I probably have what you want or I can build it for you. Just name it, everything is possible.

    AIM: ClassicMagger
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