Just wanted to share a 'mags are awesome' experience I had this weekend.

I played outdoors in New England ton Saturday; we had pretty decent weather for winter, and I hadn't played in a while. It was about 35-40 degrees, and I decided it was a great opportunity to take the old RT Pro out for a break from its winter hibernation.

It was a smallish group being winter and all, and most of the day we had between 7 and 12 players. I got to chatting with a few of the people there about the newer tech, and got to try out the triggers on some pretty nice guns (Vcom, Axe, G6R).

One of the kids there kept having issues with his MacDev Clone GT, allegedly due to the cold, to a point where he got frustrated and thought he was going to have to sit out the rest of the day. Trying my best to keep the player-count up (and well, since I'm just a nice guy ), I offered to grab my backup (Classic Lvl 10 w/ intelli) from my car so he could keep playing. After a quick trip from the staging area to my car, I handed it over and told him "it's old, slow, and heavy, but I guarantee it will work", and sure enough, at the chrono without adjustment, it was shooting 275+/- 5. Perfecto. He played the rest of the day without issues and had a blast, even if he couldn't shoot quite as fast as he could with his Clone. Bonus funny moments: I had to show him how to use the twistlock haha, and on two occasions little kids asked if my gun was electric.

Of course, my RT Pro worked flawlessly, as usual, so I didn't need the backup


P.S. Here's a quick pic of the family:
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