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Thread: valken pants

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    valken pants

    anybody have any experience with the v-tac series? I have been looking at the sierra and Zulu but am reluctant to buy some sight unseen as I have no local place to view them.

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    I really like the Sierra pants. They're comfortable, fit well, and the padding in the knees is nice without being cumbersome. Only problem I've ever had with them was a cargo pocket coming unstitched a bit, but that's fixable. I've heard that the Sierra pants are much more durable than the Zulu pants.

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    I bought the cheaper of the two, can't remember which that was, but I like em. Oddly had the same issue with a cargo pocket coming unstitched as well.

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    I have the Zulu pants and love them. They're very comfy. My only beef with them is the sizes run about an inch or two smaller than what they say they do. I had to send my first pair back to get the next size up.

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