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Thread: 9.6 volt batteries and marker compatibility?

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    9.6 volt batteries and marker compatibility?

    So I got some 9.6 volt batteries for my Booyah frame. It seems to make a significant difference as others pointed out in my other thread.

    Sooooooo, I was wondering if other markers/accessories would benefit from them or if they may be dangerous for things like Vikings or E-bladed cockers. I've read that they work in certain loaders fine, but have no experience myself.

    Any input?


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    Markers with big honkin' clapper solenoids. Most electronic STBBs and clones will benefit from them, as will Booyah and Centerflag frames, and Tippmanns/BTs. Some frames will not work without them.

    Eblades have big clappers but IIRC you're not supposed to use them, something can be damaged - I think E1s can't use them and E2 can? Or vice versa? Or neither. I don't remember!

    The only EP marker I've ever encountered that required them were Tribals, which barely work with a standard 9v.

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    My Ego 11 likes to eat the special paintball 9 volts, instead of the regular Eveready, Duracell, etc. I've had some problems with regular supermarket batteries.

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