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Thread: The AO Army Living Legends Museum

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    The AO Army Living Legends Museum

    I just got off the phone with Sean @CPX

    The museum will be in a 20x30 tent with grid walls and tables. A small area of the back of the booth will be a VIP area for Legends only so that they can get away from the crowd and stage in private. that leaves a 20x20 area for the museum and I guarantee it will be filled to the brim.

    Not only that but I spoke with Josh at J4 paintball and they will be bringing a shooting booth that we will be putting next to the museum so that people can shoot a couple choice old school guns.

    All of this is being provided to us and I cannot be more happy with the outpouring of support I am getting from the paintball world. This whole endeavor has become a very positive and nerve racking experience for me.

    I have to thank alot of people for this and there will be a list when all this is said and done if I live through it

    This... Is... Happening....


    to make this easier on ALL OF US there is now a registration system in place to make sure the items that you bring for the museum get back to you in the most efficient way possible
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