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    New Helios Body

    I've been looking for a body for my automag for a while now and I was able to get my hands on a first run Helios automag body. Since itís relatively new I figured I would do a small review of it and give you my thoughts just incase you had seen one and was curious.
    It comes threaded for cocker barrels and detents which is nice, simply because I have lots of them laying around to use. I got my body with a cp feed neck which is nice to have after going so many years with a Tect-T 45* feed neck adapter. It probably dropped my hopper an inch to 2 inches by making the change although I did like the off-set of the power feed when I was using a helmet cam. Ill just have to see what happens when I go get some more footage in the spring time. Maybe Ill swap sides the camera is mounted on, maybe not.
    After installing the body to my old Automag the only change I needed to do was remove the barrel detent from the rail. I thought I was going to need to re-tune my lvl10 but it worked perfectly without changing a single shim. The body was literally drop in and play for me. So far I havent been able to get out and play much due to the weather being so cold this winter and when it does get above 45* its raining. But I have been able to plink around the woods a bunch and have probably shot close to a case of paint through this little beast. So far I'm loving it, its much lighter than the stock SS body and the fact that I can now use my barrel kits on it is great! And the best part was I got it for just over 80$.


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