Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody can tell me if there is any difference between the Sear of the RT Classic and the RT Pro?
While trying to use a X-Valve and a RT Pro Sear with a Classic RT Rail (yes, it has the notch for the Z-Lock pin and the bushing for the standard Field Strip Screw) I discovered that the RT Pro Sear was blocked by the ULE Body so that the sear couldn't fully engage the on/off since it would not pass through the hole. After gassing up the marker the valve was leaking down the barrel because the sear did not keep the bolt in its rearmost position although the on/off pin moved the sear in its locked position (the pin passed through the hole).

Is there a difference in the location of the axle pin in the Classic RT Rail, or is it simply not possible to use a X-Valve? The AGD Homepage tells that there is a Classic RT Sear but the only difference seems to be the calibrated Rod length.

I am totally lost here so any help would be highly appreciated.