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    So about the museum

    Sean and I have had many disscussions about this and I mentioned that the museum should become a Living Legends tradition. It really makes sense as we should not just be bringing Legends to this even but also the vintage guns and gear that made them who they are.

    So for NEXT years Legends there will probably be a museum committee put together. This may or may not include me or some of you.

    This has been a very positive thing for me. I have learned alot and talked to many people who I never thought I'd get to about things I'd never thought I'd talk about

    The museum will continue with or without us but if it's without us... It started with a crazy idea from me and a WHOLE LOT of support from my AO Family

    I do have give a thank you to you all for this, it's not done and I will thank you all again soon
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