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Thread: Bunny's SSR Racing Neo-chrome Review: The death of an x-mag.

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    Exclamation Bunny's SSR Racing Neo-chrome Review: The death of an x-mag.

    AO: How's it going guys? I felt like I needed to get this off my chest. I have been seeing a lot of positive reviews about the neo-chrome/aurora finish that has been floating on the major paintball sites around. I really wanted to surprise you guys with an awesome project that I have been working on for a few years now, but it did not come into fruition. I'm pretty embarrassed to show how much money I actually sent on this finish, but I felt like people needed to know. I have tried to work with the company a few times, but I cannot sit idle watching more and more people send their stuff to these guys.
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    Hows it going? I just wanted to start a thread about my dealings with the company SpeedStar Racing that specializes in the neo-chrome a.k.a "aurora" finish. I saw them posting on pbnation in 2012 and thought about getting a few markers done. My review is about the first 9 pieces I sent to SSR. I sent both an Xmag and a Phoenix E-mag to them. The x-mag was butchered while the phoenix e-mag came out looking fine.

    I decided to create this post to show any potential customers what they may be dealing with. I really hate to be "that guy" but after you read the e-mail chain I hope it makes sense on why I couldn't sit idle any longer. Read the e-mail chains and picture yourself in my shoes.

    TLR Sent $900 to refinsh an x-mag, got the run around for a year, and want a refund of the $900.

    Thanks for the quick response! Most of the parts are in great condition. The only part that needs work is the "body" that is in the pictures. It seems like a bit of prep work could get it looking like new again. The black valve and the black bottom part of the grip frame will not need the finish. I did research the finish and a few people stated that the more parts you have the cheaper the overall cost would be. Is that true? I would love to include a few more parts, but I have a feeling it will be pretty costly project.

    Btw, I just want to tell you how refreshing it is to get a company to answer e-mails about the finish. I'm super interested, but most shops push away the project because it's a paintball marker. Thanks again!

    SpeedStar Racing
    The body can surely get a lil make over to make it fresh again. Each part is done by hand and is very extensive to do. I can give u lil break on muti parts but unless u are doing hundreds of parts the price can't come down significantly. Think of repainting a car, much prep work and care is needed to ensure the finish product will be perfect, same for our finish. Sometimes we redo parts because we do not feel its perfect yet. It's an art form actually to get the colors like that.

    Lemme know what other parts u have in mind so I can quote it all together for u.
    We go back and forth on the process for a while to understand how it all works.

    Sounds good. $100 per part is a great deal. I'm still awaiting a few parts so it may be a week or two before I can ship it over to you. I have a few questions though....

    How would we handle payment? Do I pay full now, or once the parts are finished. Do you guys take Credit Card, Paypal, etc.

    What would be the time frame once we guys get the parts?

    I saw a couple of crazy posts on the Honda forums you guys frequent and want to make sure we are on the same page so we don't have any issues down the road. :-)

    I can't wait to see what you guys can do with these parts.
    SpeedStar Racing

    To be honest, out of all the 100s & 100s of parts and customers we've had, we only had 2 who had a complaint. There is always 2 sides to every story. We tried our best to resolve it but rather than that they decided to bash us. *******s will be *******s I guess.

    Rest assure that you will be we'll taken care of. All parts are warranted so no worries. Unless u drop and damage the part(s)

    It will take about 8 weeks to complete. U can pay half when we receive the parts, ill send you pics when done then u pay the balance. U can use either PayPal or CC there is a 4% fee for either. Or u can bank deposit & no fee.
    It definitely looks like they were trying to just troll you guys. It's a shame that the 2 bad deals are some of the first websites on google. Hopefully we change that once we get this project finished!! It's funny how the happy customer never seem to give the positive reviews online....

    I like the bank deposit payment of $900 now and $900 when it is ready to be shipped back to me.

    I'm awaiting a few parts, but once I get them I can package everything up and send them your way.

    I'll send you another e-mail once i'm ready to ship!

    Have a great weekend!
    SpeedStar Racing
    Thx brah lemme know when ready

    Throughout December and January I was waiting for another set of parts to come back. I decided to go with a different project to get plated instead. I decided to send him out the first 9 pieces. SSR received them on 2/1/13


    SpeedStar Racing
    How are u? Hope all is good.
    I reviewed your parts today. Are these parts part of the 18 pieces that u wanted to do? I can do these 9 parts for $950 + $10 shipping back to u. Lemme know which payment method u prefer to use?

    Thx again,
    They are apart of the 18, im still waiting them from Germany. The price sounds great. I think you mentioned doing a bank transfer. Ill do whatever is easiest. Thx!!!
    I decided to do a bank transfer so I wouldn't have to pay the fees. I sent $60 to see that it worked and deposited the rest in the account. I had the option of waiting until all the parts were complete, but because I trusted Wayne I had no issues sending almost $2000 to SSR.

    Hows it going? Hopefully you saw the $900 payment go through. I hit a few road blocks with the parts from Germany so I decided to take my project into another direction. I have 9 more parts ready to be sent over to you. I'm really interested in getting another type of finish done on this one. I think the first batch are the "aurora neo." I would love to see the other type of finish, "Aurora Midori" on these parts. I would love to have two examples of what you guys can do.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Parts List: 9 total
    Shockwave Body: *may need some extra polishing*
    CCM Feedtube
    Luke Trigger
    Dye Front
    1 Piece Barrel
    ULE Grip Frame
    Battery Pack- Top
    Battery Pack- Mid
    Battery Pack- Low

    SpeedStar Racing
    Hey Robert,
    How are you?
    Yes we received the payment, thx u!

    Due to the shape of your pieces the Midori will not come out.

    Your other option is the Ultra Nebula.

    Lemme know
    Ultra Nebula would look pretty good on it. Have you done any paintball parts with the ultra nebula finish yet? I'll probably send out the parts to you tomorrow if that is cool. Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    Here is an Ultra Nebula Luxe body
    SpeedStar Racing
    Got the package today. For these you want ultra nebula??
    Glad to hear!! I would really like to get the ultra nebula if possible. I would love to see what a whole paintball marker looks like in it.
    Just touching base seeing how things are going with the first batch of parts I sent you in early February. Hope all is well!
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    SpeedStar Racing
    The 1st gun will be ready in about a week. Ill send u pics shortly.
    Thx again
    Any news :-)
    SpeedStar Racing
    we did your parts but unfortunately it did not out perfect. so we're gonna
    redo for you. As I mentioned to you before, it's more an art form. One
    step that didn't go perfect then it ruins the whole thing.

    here is a sample. If it's not perfect to our standard then we won't ship
    back. Sorry for the delays but we'll get it done right for you asap.

    thx for your patience,

    Thanks for the update, I'm in no rush at all. I want these to be the best product you guys can give me so no worries here. I'm glad to see another paintballer is getting his Ripper intimidator done as well

    I just got my tax return and I figured I could pay the rest of my balance off so you may see another $900 come through.

    Thanks for the status update.
    Hows it going? Hopefully you saw my next payment go through. I should be squared away with the $1900 payment :-) Any news on the finish? Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    Almost there buddy, ill shoot u some pics when ready thx again!
    It's been a few weeks, any news or updates? I'm heading to a tournament in June and would love to show off these markers to the designer and owner of the company that made them!! Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    I should have it to you b4 june. We are still having some technical issues
    but will be resolved soon.

    thx again
    Sounds great. Have a great weekend!
    Hows it going? Any luck with the two projects? Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    Ill have an update for u by Friday thx
    SpeedStar Racing
    Should have something for u by the 28th ill send u pics prior

    Thx again
    Sounds great. I'm really looking forward to showing off these projects for the owner/creator of this particular paintball gun. :-)
    SpeedStar Racing
    The green auto cocker is it anodized? We're having some difficulties stripping it
    I never sent you guys any green parts at all. One was silver and blue and the other was raw aluminum. I sent you guys a ton of pictures in some earlier e-mails to you guys if needed.
    SpeedStar Racing
    The last cocker u sent was the raw alum right??
    Here are pictures of what my parts look like. The make is completely different from autococker though. One is called an Xmag and the other is called a Shockwave. :-)

    Shockwave in nebula

    Xmag in aurora
    SpeedStar Racing
    Ok gotcha thx
    Hows it going? I was wondering if you guys had any updates or pictures for the build? Unfortunately the paintball tournament is this weekend so i'm bummed I can't show either paintball gun at the event to the president and creator of the gun. Any update would be a good one. Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    The final coat for ur parts are going on next week. Ill send u pics once they are done b4 shipping back. Thx again for ur patience!!

    Any news? Thx
    SpeedStar Racing
    Ill have some pic for u later this week. Ill keep u posted thx
    I was wondering if there is any news on the two markers I sent to you. I'm starting to lose hope!!

    Let me know. Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    sorry for the delays and I appreciate you NOT loosing hope.

    Here are some prelim pics of your parts. Most of the parts came out great
    but 1-2 didn't so we are gonna redo those. the parts that are good we need
    to clean and polish them up then I'll send those to you. the other pieces
    will ship back to you once we get them redone, cool?

    Thanks again,

    SpeedStar Racing
    I apologize for the delays and I appreciate you NOT loosing hope.

    Here are some prelim pics of your parts. a few 1-2 pieces didn't come out
    perfect so we're gonna redo those and ship them to you once done. Theses
    other parts here we're gonna clean and polish them up then ship them back
    to you. looks sick right? should be ready to ship back to you by next tue.

    what's your address again?


    Thanks for the update!! I'm just very excited to get the parts back. I knew that this process is not easy and I understood that it may take a while. I just wanted to make sure you guys were able to get the process to work on my guns. They look amazing.

    For reference my address is…

    I do have a few questions.

    -Are all the parts done in the "Neo-Chrome" finish? I sent the second gun to you guys for the "Ultra Nebula", but i'm a little bit confused if the other set of parts are done in the nebula finish. It doesn't really bother me since they look awesome. I just want to make sure. Hopefully there is no price difference between the two finishes.

    -Are all the parts that you guys are working on are in the pictures? I've had some experiences in the past when shops have lost parts and I want to make sure they are all accounted for before you guys ship back the parts to me.

    (First gun: 9 parts total) Neo-Chrome

    (Second gun: 9 parts total) Ultra Nebula

    18 parts total.
    SpeedStar Racing
    Man my bad bro they all got neo on them. Nebula does cost a lil more but I charged u neo prices, will that be ok? The next gun ill discount and make sure I nebula those. As far as missing parts, if we account for all parts. If missing we'll replace. Small parts are hard to keep track of sometimes as there as at least 8 steps each part goes thru. Ill keep u posted thx again
    No problem on the nebula issue. I think the neochrome looks amazing with that body anyway. I can't wait to see the end result. Have a good one!
    Hows are the last of the pieces coming along. Were you guys able to ship anything last Tuesday? Thx!
    SpeedStar Racing
    Ill send u pics and ship today

    Thx u again
    SpeedStar Racing
    Here is the pis of your parts. There are a few pieces that we need to
    redo. I'll ship those as soon as they are done. But I'll ship you back
    these parts today.

    Thx again,

    SpeedStar Racing
    Thx again!

    Thanks for the heads up. I can't wait to show these parts off to the community.
    Here is where the major issues starts. Tolerances and finish are not acceptable.

    Please take a look at the attachment and let me know what you think.

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    From PDF Attachment...


    I just received my first batch of parts and I am not very happy with the results. Out of the 14 parts you sent back 9 of the parts were okay. You guys did an amazing job polishing out the wavy body that you guys highlighted on your website. There are a few small flaws in some of the parts, but iím willing to live with them because I know how hard it is to get the finish to come out
    right. The other 5 parts that you shipped back are in terrible shape and as of right now they are completely useless.

    Most of the parts that were sent back had issues with the threading. For paintball guns threading is a very important factor with a paintball gun. In some areas the plating is so thick you cannot even screw two pieces together. Most of the parts that I sent have rails and threads that need to
    fit in order for the paintball gun to work.

    For example, the top barrel screws into the paintball gun just fine. The middle barrel is absolutely terrible. There is so much build up of plating it cannot be screwed into a paintball body at all. It looked like you guys removed some of the plating but not all of it. Iím not sure why you would leave it looking like that at all. The bottom barrel is a stock barrel and that is what we should expect to see when threading a barrel onto a body. At the beginning of the project I was not aware of how much the thickness would change with
    each part, even though some parts fit together fine while others donít at all.

    PMI Barrel ($55) Barrel Finish:
    Iím also wondering if you guys plugged the barrel before the
    plating process. In the pictures below you can see what the inside bore of the paintball barrel looks like. In the sport of paintball we need to have a smooth bore on the inside of the barrel to shoot paintballs accurately. The barrel of the left is completely rough on the inside. The barrel on the right is a stock barrel that did not have anything done to it. Since the bore is completely messed up I will also have to send that to a specialist to get it fixed.

    Gripframes: ($50)
    The grip frames that you sent back were drastically different. If I didnít have
    two to compare to I wouldnít think anything of it. The frame on the left is very rough to the touch compared to the one on the right. Iím not sure if that is because of the plating process or what, but one looks fine and the other one is terrible. I understand that some sides of the parts may not be 100% but this part is visible when the paintball gun is put back together.

    Warp Breach: ($100 part)
    This part has so much plating underneath it will not fit back together onto the body. Depending what we do, we will need to remove the plating so it can fit back over. The picture below is an original Xmag with the Aurora breach that you guys did.

    Also the milling lines on the side of the part are almost nonexistent.

    XMag Body: ($600 part)
    This part was the reason why I sent you the parts to begin with. We
    spoke about the body having a few scratches and you guys did a great job polishing them out.

    The pictures of the blue part below really show how much work you guys did.

    I do have a problem with some of the plating not working on the part in the 1st picture below.

    The second issue I have is the large scratches within the body. It is very rough to the touch. It looked like someone took a steel brush to it. For this particular paintball gun this may render the part useless because this is the place that will seal the paintball gun together for it to shoot. I may be able to polish it, but depending the plating process I might not have the correct tools to polish it.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that you guys completely polished off any of the body lines that this paintball gun had. You can see that there is a ridge that goes from the middle of the body to the opening in the back.

    This is what is is suppose to look like.

    CnC Battery Pack: ($180)

    This part took me over 8 months to track it down so it is another part that really bothers me. I bought this part new and had no significant scratches at all. The problem is that the part no longer has the milled waves into it. (See picture above to see what it is suppose to look like.) I understand that the finish may make the milling look smoother, but this is crazy to me. The other two problems are that the battery pack has two bubbles on the side, and it also does not slide over the grip frame at all since there is too much plating on the side of the part.

    Before this whole project began I sent you a picture of my inspiration for the build which include the same battery pack that I sent you. As you can see below, the milling is still intact and really flows well with the neochrome/ aurora finish. ďI can make ur marker look better than the attached picture. That was mostly purple and green. Our's will be more of a spectrum.Ē The color spectrum looks better, but the actual parts look way worse. What you guys sent me back really frustrates me.

    It is interesting to me that the first set of parts that I sent you back in February are the ones that look poor. The second set of parts I sent to you in March almost all came back okay.

    The thing that doesnít make sense is that some of the parts fit just fine. I can slide the battery housing onto one of the grip frames, but not the other. Some screw holes are completely fine, while others will need to be tapped again. It is wildly inconsistent from what I have seen so far. Iím a little bit lost with what we can do. As of right now none of the parts are operational because
    none of them fit together at all, but even if we do get them to fit I have a feeling that the damage is already done. I feel pretty embarrassed about the situation so far. I understood the type of project I was starting, but taking a $1200 paintball gun, plating it for $900, waiting 6 months, and getting back
    the parts looking like this feels like torture. It also doesnít help that the finish I really wanted (Ultra Nebula) isnít even on the parts that I actually wanted them on. Iím almost to the point of sending the parts back to you guys for the plating to be removed and asking for a refund. I would love to hear your opinion on the issue so please send me back an email when you can.
    SpeedStar Racing
    I apologize for the inconveniences. I'm willing to fix what ever problem
    you may have. keep in mind tho, this is a plating process so there is
    something on the surface that was not there before and getting this
    plating to stay and look the way it does take effort and its not a perfect
    procedure like powder coating. the holes where you say can't be threaded
    we can re-tap, just let me know the thread size and pitch. the barrels
    we'll remove the excess. we do plug the barrels but again its not perfect
    because there are holes in the barrel. it will need to be honed out.

    send me back those 5 pieces and i'll fix them for you.

    thx again and I'm sorry for the problems but I'll make it right for you.


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    Thanks for stepping up and making it right. I've attached some pictures of the parts that will probably give us troubles. It looks like the plating makes these two parts impossible to put onto the body (im sending it back as well) I'm requesting that we remove some of the plating so it can slide onto the body.

    Once you get the parts back in your hands hopefully it makes more sense. Let me know when you get the parts and we can go from there.
    SpeedStar Racing
    Ok once I get the parts in ill check it out

    Any news or questions? Let me know.
    SpeedStar Racing
    We are in the process of redoing ur parts so stay tuned
    I was wondering if any progress has been made with my project. I'm starting to get frustrated with how this project has been handled. I understand that the process is very labor intensive, but taking 7 months to plate 19 parts is ridiculous.

    Every few weeks I have sent out emails to you guys for status updates and haven't really heard back other than "we are working on it." It's starting to frustrate me because all I can really do for this project is to send you $1900 and wait. You have already sent back the first batch of parts and the very first gun body I sent you guys was butchered pretty bad. (See PDF from earlier)

    It is also irritating to see pictures of the paintball parts you are working on your facebook page and on advertising your work. It is really hard to read all the positive comments regarding your neo-chrome finish even though I have been sitting here for 7 months waiting for parts that are almost unusable. (The body milling is non-existent after you guys worked on it, that is pretty hard to put a positive spin on it.) Both myself and the person you are plating the Ripper Intimidator for have given you ample amount of time. We have done nothing, but support you guys. It is really hard not to post on the forums and start a ****storm like what happened on the car forums we talked about almost a year ago.

    I was quoted at 8 weeks to complete the plating yet we are at week 30. How can I honestly tell someone that without being negative about the situation.

    I do have a few questions and need your honest answer. Are you guys having issues plating the first gun? What is exactly going on with it?

    I'm pretty much at the breaking point of this project so if we do have problems with the first gun I would really like to know so we can figure out some type of refund on the parts that are messed up.

    I'm just confused why the first gun I sent you guys turned out horrible, while the second one (98% of it) came out great so far. I physically have parts in my hand that show me what you guys can do so i'm really confused why the first gun came out so bad. Please let me know what is going on so we can move forward.
    SpeedStar Racing
    I understand ur frustration and I do apologize. The coating is more art form than specific. Sometimes parts take to it well, sometimes they don't. As u can imagine removing coating and then reapplying it without damaging the substrate is a difficult challenge.

    As I mentioned ill make it right for you. Gimme some extra time to prove it to you pls.

    The coating was too thick so now we have to use a different method which we are experimenting with on other parts to make sure it will be suitable for your parts.

    Ill keep u posted bro...thx again
    Any updates?
    SpeedStar Racing
    Wassup bro...we're about 3 weeks out for ur parts. Keep u posted
    SpeedStar Racing
    your marker is done and it looks SICK!!!!! I'll send some pics out to you

    I can't wait to see what it looks like. Thanks!
    SpeedStar Racing
    Sorry for crappy iPhone & indoor lighting. Outdoors u can see more colors. The barrel piece that screws into the frame didn't come out with too much color tho. Looks mainly dark. U want us to redo this piece? Or u ok with it?


    :-( Those are not my parts at all. I think you are confusing me with your other customer *** *****. My parts look completely different.
    SpeedStar Racing
    sorry u are correct, i'm sorry bro....these are a parts for a diff customer. I'll have your's ready shortly bro. thx again
    Request for refund. Round #2

    I would like to request a refund for the Aurora X-mag you guys are working on. I hope you realize how frustrated I am with how this has been handled by your company. I understand how labor intensive this project is, but I simply cannot wait any longer. You guys will never be able to replace the milling you guys took off in the process. I have been promised over and over again with updates but you guys have fallen short. Seeing the latest paintball gun on your facebook page has made me very frustrated. You guys keep telling me it takes time and man hours, but you still somehow keep finishing other parts and projects while i'm sitting here waiting for another e-mail stating " 3 more weeks"

    I have documented my issues with you already in a previous e-mail, but after you guys sent me pictures of your latest customers parts I cannot take it any longer. I can't sit here waiting for something that has already left me with a sour taste in my mouth many months ago.

    Seeing the customer say that the Nebula is the same price ask the aurora finish makes me question what you guys were promising many months ago. I remember requesting the same finish, yet you guys forgot and gave me something that I didn't want at all. I was bummed I couldn't get it, but you let me know that it was by accident and that it did cost extra anyway.

    After seeing 4 different paintball guns get finished by SSR it seems like the very first gun I sent you was some type of test for paintball parts. The first gun I sent in February is butchered, but everything after that looked okay.

    My X-mag: Plating issues.
    My Shockwave: Looks great, just missing 2 parts to complete the build
    Another Customers Ripper Intimidator: Aurora not taking.
    rschoi Ripper Autococker: Barrel doesn't match

    I would like to request a $800 refund for the first gun that I sent you. If you can't send back the parts with the aurora finish I can price out how much the actual parts cost to replace. None of the paintball markers that people send you are "cheap" by any means so it is usually in the $1000 range.

    I would still like you guys to concentrate on the remaining parts for the second paintball gun I sent you. A few months ago you sent me a handful of parts that look fantastic, but unfortunately you guys still have two parts that need the plating. The grip frame already has the plating on it, it just needed to be tapped again. The other part is the wavy part that had troubles with the finish. If I could at least finish one of the two guns I would be happy. I know you guys are capable of plating it correctly.

    **Attached is a picture of the 2 parts for the second paintball gun the Shockwave**

    SpeedStar Racing
    We can't refund u as the work is in progress. This coating reacts to the metal and the shape of the object it's not powder coating so there will be inconsistencies and it is very diff to do. Once done ill ship u your parts back


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    SpeedStar Racing
    wanna give u a quick update. we are almost done with the stripping process
    of your parts. we use acid which takes a long time as it slowly removes
    the layers. If all the process goes well, I am hoping to get everything
    done by this time next week. I'll keep u posted.

    thx again
    Another month gone by.... Any update?
    SpeedStar Racing
    We're very close to havin ur parts done. Ill send u another email this week
    SpeedStar Racing
    how are you bro. here are some pics of your parts. most of them are almost
    ready, they just need polishing now. but the body of the Xmag didn't come
    out and we're working on that. I'll send back the parts that are ready 1st
    to you. I'll keep u posted on those other parts.

    thx again,

    SpeedStar Racing
    Here are ur parts, minus the body.

    The barrels came out great but we still need to work on thrm( clean up threads and hone inside)

    As for your trigger handle, u asked us to retap the threads. Pls specify thread pitch for all holes needed

    In the mean time I'm sending u back the 4 pieces


    The barrel on the left side of the picture is not mine at all. If the picture is correct, I am still missing two parts as well. I sent you 18 parts total, and you only sent me back 8 of them so far. Could you send me the grip frames back as well. I will have someone do the tapping myself. I just want to get back all of the parts that I can.
    SpeedStar Racing
    I believe one of the 2 parts missing parts is the body, which we are
    working on. what is the other part?

    I'll ship you back the parts I have now

    Attached is a picture of the missing parts.
    SpeedStar Racing
    lemme check on those missing parts for you.

    I have abandoned all hope for this project….

    Any news?
    SpeedStar Racing
    just got done with your parts. I'll send u some pics soon and send them back to you.

    Any news? It's been almost an entire year for you guys to get my parts done. I paid $2000 no questions asked, but I feel like you guys have completely taken advantage of me. I have considered the Xmag a lost hope. The parts you have sent earlier still do not fit correctly and I have a feeling that the last 3 parts are the same quality that you sent me before.

    Do you guys honestly think you have handled this project professionally?
    SpeedStar Racing
    It's done ill ship to u on Monday

    Thx again
    SpeedStar Racing

    I have a huge problem with the last of the parts you have shipped.

    1.) I am still missing one part. Attached is a picture of what I sent you and what the part looks like. I have already sent you e-mails in the past talking about the missing piece.

    It is the lower part of the battery pack.

    Green=In my possession

    2.) The body you sent me back has been milled off completely. I have already had issues with you guys polishing off all of the body lines of the gun and now you guys have completely milled off a section of the gun. This is completely unacceptable. Your company has completely ruined this Xmag body. It is shocking to see the transformation that has happened to this paintball gun.

    Wayne, I'm at a complete loss for words. This entire X-mag project has been a disaster. We are almost in week 52 (An entire year) of this build and I still see no end in sight. I am still missing parts, the body is completely trashed and the parts do not fit together at all because of all the changes in tolerances.

    We talked at length on 12/5/12 about two people having negative experiences with your product and how there are always two sides of the story. I hope you realize that i'm the 3rd person that has issues with your company. Take a look back in our e-mail history and you can see both sides of the story pretty well.

    Put yourself in my shoes. Picture sending $2000 and your favorite possession to a company and watch someone butcher it over and over again until they "get it right." I have felt miserable this entire time working with you guys. It shouldn't feel this way at all.

    I would like to formally request a refund of $900 for the X-mag project you guys worked on. I am not happy at all with the way it has been handled. You have ruined a $1000+ paintball gun and I am willing to send the parts back to you guys for you to destroy. That is how bad this has turned out. I would rather throw away these parts instead of looking at what should have been something fantastic.

    Let me know what you think and we can go from there.

    Btw, you never answered my question from the other e-mail....

    Do you guys honestly think you have handled this project professionally?

    SpeedStar Racing
    I'm Sorry for these issues I apologize. But I'm not here to leave u high and dry. I'll Look to getting those parts replaced and done for u. I'll get back to you shortly.

    Thx u
    The xmag will be pretty hard to find from AGD, they stopped making them years ago 2003-2004. I actually run the fan site and I have been hunting down xmags for a while now. They come up every now and then, but they arn't cheap. I know AGD sold the last of their Xmag bodies to a dealer and to my knowledge he has sold the rest of the bodies a few months ago. I appreciate finding replacement parts,but because of how rare the paintball gun actually is, it may be an uphill battle. I am willing to take a refund for the 9 pieces that total the entire X-mag. Thanks
    SpeedStar Racing
    Every project has it's challenges etc not every part is the same (diff metals, condition, shape) my polisher made a mistake on your body. I'm trying to remedy this situation with u. Why u throwing me under the bus bro? I've read your reviews. It's not I said screw u, I apologized and I'm trying to fix this.
    I understood that projects have many challenges, but your company lost one of my parts that you guys charged me for. I'm not happy with how the Xmag body and other parts came out. I'm glad you were finally able to admit that your polisher made a mistake, but that doesn't help with how this whole entire project has been handled by your company. It has taken an entire year to get to this place and i'm still without my project. I want to show exactly how SSR has handled this project. The reviews speaks volumes for the type of communication I have had with you guys so far. It is up to you guys to finish the deal. The way you have treated me throughout this whole process has been ridiculous thus far. I have waited 12 more days and still no new updates. Please let me know how you will finish out this project. I am not willing to wait weeks and weeks for updates.
    Last edited by Bunny; 02-16-2014 at 05:53 PM.

  7. Edits with no problem from OP.

    This was faster then going into the data base.

    Op reposted so now its all here to see with out going some where else.

    Here are the posts in order, that were removed.

    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    I don't understand whats going on in this pictures
    I get its the aurora finish but is that the first attempt at it on the left, totally fubared?
    and the 1000$ fix on the right?

    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post

    you're in my prayers
    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    Picture of left is aurora finish attempt #3
    Picture of right is aurora finish attempt #4

    I just opened the package today and realized they decided to mill off even more of the body lines. I'm beyond pissed at the moment since it has taken me an entire year to get to this point.

    The kicker for today is that they are still missing the battery housing lower. I plan on doing a megathread on it since I have been seeing more and more people wanting SSR to plate their paintball guns. I just wanted to see your reactions so I can calm down a bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    why are they milling your xmag body?
    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post
    when they strip off the coating its like stipping ano...but alot more of a corrosive process, they milled off the damage
    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    so much for sending in the ripper and phoenix mag to those tools.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dayspring View Post
    Do you have any sort of legal recourse for damages?
    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    so this isn't a guaranteed process then?

    how are they in business if they cant do the process right? or at least guarantee it.

    **** so just got off the phone with a guy for a quote from them he said there is no problem doing this fish to paintball parts.
    so Im guessing he is lying? or what. I asked him if there is any issues with damage he said no.
    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post
    no, theyll eventually get it right
    Quote Originally Posted by Spider-TW View Post
    Seems like a dremel would be less conspicuous. Smooth it off symmetrical and you would probably have a hard time identifying the change in that area.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
    I will bow my head and hoist up a cold one tonight in it's honor... /sadpanda
    Quote Originally Posted by Dayspring View Post
    I need to find a sad panda emote graphic...
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyco-Dude View Post
    the finish, i guess, looks better on the right one, but...the body. wtf did they do? it's like they ground off the edge there. it looks terrible. i'd never do business with whoever was responsible for that. they ruined it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spider-TW View Post
    The really goofy part is that you are putting on this very fancy cosmetic finish, and then you cut a sharp notch in a sexy-line and leave it. Not only does it look bad, but the logic just fails.
    Quote Originally Posted by Laku View Post
    Man.. that's just wrong in so many levels.. I hope you get properly compensated for them ruining a piece of history.
    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post
    did they actually send you the picture and say "it's done"
    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    from what he told me on a message he is going to replace the parts. bah, not sure how, all my xmag bodies are gone and sold.

    but its weird they have stuff turn out great all the time. I don't get why bunny's got efed up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    From what I recall of Aurora discussions back in the day, the Shockers that were done had a huge failure rate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    I'm talking with SSR again about the issue. They apologized for the issues and want to make it right. They are interested in replacing the parts and getting it done for me. I still don't understand why they can't just refund my money back to me..... Unfortunately, the way they do their plating I doubt it would ever work right on an xmag. The plating is so thick the breaches cannot fit.

    I sent the barrel back in and they removed the extra plating. Don't get me started about the bore inside the barrel.

    Btw, i've been keeping this project a secret for a long time now, but it has finally boiled over since it is my 1 year anniversary of my project. They are 0-4 with the process on the xmag so far. The side-by-side picture was from the 3rd to 4th try so i'm not sure why they milled off excess material.

    Stay tuned for the megathread to show how it all went down. I really want to give SpeedStar Racing a chance, but it is really hard once you see how exactly they handled the situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    why didn't they plug the barrels? they really messed up. I hope you get results whatever they may be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
    Jesus, this is sad. I feel for you Bunny, you're getting boned here.

    I had an Aurora Ego, second-hand but pristine - started chipping before it even got to the field. I still have some of the parts which look trashed. Put me off this process for good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyco-Dude View Post
    it seems to me that half of the blame goes to the customer. clearly the process does not work; stop getting it. i would've cut my losses a long time ago, but hindsight is 20/20.
    Quote Originally Posted by blackdeath1k View Post
    OUCH! I thought that was a bad photo chop. Not a milled off edge.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    I went ahead and organized/published the e-mail chain of how it all went down. It took me an entire day to make sense of it all. I'm so worn out about the whole thing I have pretty much moved on since August 2013. I keep seeing more and more people talk about how they are willing to send this company money and I want to make sure they understand how the process has worked so far.

    I pretty much just chalked this one up as a bad business deal

    Btw, I'm still trying to work with SSR to get a resolution to this whole deal and if we can reach an agreement I'll post what happens.
    Quote Originally Posted by blackdeath1k View Post
    Wow! Just wow!
    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    Jesus, talk about a terrible way to do business, at least you let us know what is happening and warning people.
    Quote Originally Posted by debruynda View Post
    Bunny this is beyond effing tragic dude.

    They have no clue on how hard it is to replace an x-mag body do they?

    I hope they give you your money back. In an ideal world they should give you the money back and the money for the body...wish in one hand and s@#t in the other right?
    Quote Originally Posted by TyeStick View Post
    Bunny, I'm at a loss for words. It's unfortunate that your project turned out like that. What a complete and udder disappointment.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    i posted on PBN, but yeah, that is bloody ridiculous.

    at least it wasn't something like a SFL, which would be near impossible to replace. it seems like this was done by some monkey ****ing a football, and then giving you the ****ty end of the stick, thinking that you didn't know any better. i hope there is an end to this, and you get some retribution for all the heartache and troubles that you've been through.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
    I think what really galls me about this whole deal is that they sent you the gun blatantly destroyed, missing parts, and thought it would somehow be OK.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beemer
    Well that sucks.

    Hate to say it but never pay by transfer. Just pay the fee or use the credit card so you can file a dispute.

    You still might have some legal action if they dont work it out.

    They did DESTROY your property and did not deliver the service you paid for.
    Over 500 dollars is a felony

    Call BBC, Police or the DA.

    Here is some more info for you.

    The dont do the service in house. Its out of the UK, thats why ALL the DELAYS on time for shipping back and forth.

    Found these links for you. Had to register at clubrsx to see posts.

    If you look you will see they even used the same pic for the valve covers, They just added the Speedstar logo to it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Axix24
    He doesn't even do it in-house. He ships it to DMSracing in UK. Thats why it takes that long for him to get back to you guys.. Go straight to the source and save a ton of $$$. I talk to the guy at DMS, super friendly. UK pic scroll down to valve cover pic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axix23 View Post
    BTW, he ships all his stuff to DMSracing in the UK to be coated. Thats why its a 6-8 weeks turnaround. He lies and says he does it in house.

    Here is a thread backing me up. I also called them up and talk to them to confirm it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xmagterror View Post

    Very sorry to see that hacked up xmag body. sounds like the success rate of the plating process has not changed in almost 10 years. aprox 4:1 failure rate. good thing you own a zillion xmag bodies i guess....i would just ask for 600 to replace the body. I would really like to have a gun done in this but by the sound of it its way too expensive for what i like to invest in a wall hanger. If i do decide to have it done i will be sending 3 of everything single part. That way if it gets screwed up they can just strip that one part and return it to me and start on a fresh one. The killer is their strip process. Im not really impressed by the fact that it adds so much thickness though.

    seeing the shockwave done in aurora makes my jaw drop...I would love to have a phoenix emag done...but im not sure these are the guys for the job.

    Im not sure what can be done with those feedneck threads on your shockwave. Im not so sure you can get a tap to fix them. Im sure you could modify a tap to be blunt enough. It would really scare me to attempt it. The threadsize is M21x.75
    When i make them they are thread milled and not tapped.

    -The AO Moderation Team
    "Everything in Moderation"

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    after spending time and reading this WHOLE THING... I fell like they have lost their passion when they obviously started with some. Your emails make me feel like I'm talking to my parts guy at work. "when will this be here?" "tomorrow" ~walks away~

    this is sad and disgusting. I hope this gets resolved...

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    Thanks for the help Beemer. Hopefully many more people can see it. To make things simple I will try to update this post and the pbn post to reflect what SSR and I can come up with. They are still answering my e-mails so I have that going for me...

    Btw, thanks for all the kind words. Even though things haven't worked out for me on this project, within the past year I have been able to work with some really passionate people on a few other projects of mine that have been great. I can't wait to show those off as soon as I can.

    In the future I will only work with companies that I know that they will treat my parts like their own.

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    Don't know, I am lost.
    Fellow XMag Bro.

    Don't hesitate to take action. What they did is criminal damage to property and after 500 bones its a felony.

    Call The BBB, the DA or the Police to see what you can do. AND next time USE the damn credit card.

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    Well I'm definitely not sending my Torque to them....
    Did you actually send them the beat up parts to finish destroying?
    Now accepting orders for J4 Torques

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    holly **** dude that's horrible

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    sad story. just skimmed through it. i hope you can get some kind of settlement from it.

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    This is heartbreaking, and almost unreadably painful.

    Thank you for posting this up as a warning, and for including the correspondence trail. There was a lot to be deciphered in the plater's messages when read in toto like this. I'm not talking about the linguistic atrocities, but rather the carelessness of speech, the breezy flippancy of attitude. I mean, this guy is a businessman, and he's calling you 'brah'? And then there is the overconfidence with respect to doing work on what is clearly out of their wheelhouse. Did he even attempt to ask questions about part fitment, barrel bore, or any of it?

    Are they even making an attempt at dealing with this professionally, or just doing the whole yeahyeahyeah,thanksbuddy,we'llbeseeingya routine?

    Oh, this makes my blood boil.

    I'm also intrigued by the possibility that this was farmed out. Is there a way to contact this UK entity with pics of your markers and confirm? I doubt there would be many like that, and they should remember it if those were actually there. But interestingly, the UK entity linked in the posts above is showing pictures that have SSR Racing's logo on them, as well as the California-based JSJ Brothers, all of which are also in SSR's gallery. So maybe the Brit company is actually farming out over here? Or both are farming to an as-yet-undetermined third or fourth party? Still, the Brit company's turnaround is indeed 5 weeks shorter. EDIT: Hmn, hang on . . .. Looks like their website is down, so it's hard to say.

    In any case, my sincerest condolences and hopes that you are able to get this resolved in some semblance of good order.

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    That is horrible man. I did a bunch of my own research and a lot of the neo chrome people are just farming out the service. The aurora plating is just high polished then pvd coated.

    There are a few companies in the US that can do it.
    Just do a google search for decortive rainbow pvd coating. The are many in china that is we're all the aurora scissors, lighters, and earrings come from.

    I would have used a pvd coating company here in the US. Most of the do not offer polishing services, so you need to have it stripped and high polished before sending. I have found a few for about $500 for a batch.

    It sucks you paid $900 to someone that only just out sourced to someone else.

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    .....God Bless

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    Man that sucks Bunny , is it a UK company?

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    WOW! Just WOW! And the plot thickens on this mess.

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    I agree with what Beemer posted.

    Over 500 dollars is a felony

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    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I have them on my Facebook, and was always wondering about the risks vs. reward here. I was going to send them something at some point, but will probably not now that I have seen this disaster.

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    Wow. Sorry to hear about that. I hope you can get a refund for the cost of the X-mag.

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    That sucks man. Sorry to hear about this.

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    Second what Beemer said,....

    ,.. thats criminal what they did to you

    Based on working with companies like ATMF and PK,. (not that the process is the same,.. but close) it looks like they waited to batch your parts with the parts of other companies and customers.

    Also,.. some of those look like they did like you thought,.. test parts.

    Im thinking that in the acid wash, they didnt figure on the acutal alloy reaction times for your pieces versus the other ones in the wash bin. 7000 series verus 6061 allum. takes different times to cure in the bath and also the amount of times you have to dunk them.

    I hope you are getting a refund,...
    Jai "P8ntbal4me" Menard

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    What a pile of garbage.
    You should get a full refund, your parts replaced, and $50 for every time the guy called you "brah" or typed "Thx".

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    Quote Originally Posted by patron god of pirates View Post
    what a pile of garbage.
    You should get a full refund, your parts replaced, and $50 for every time the guy called you "brah" or typed "thx".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patron God of Pirates View Post
    What a pile of garbage.
    You should get $50 for every time the guy called you "brah".
    I have met Bunny in person,... he doesnt look like the kind of person that would need a "brah".

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    this is what nightmares are made of right here
    CNC Programmer/Machinist
    Polarstar Engineering and Machine

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    Talk about a heartbreaking experience. Thank you for sharing, I hope you can get your parts replaced and a refund.

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    What a devastating read.

    This is the most disrespectful and unprofessional business person I've seen in a while. Who call their customer "bro" and "buddy"? I flippin HATE being called these things, it's talking down to somebody!

    This sentence sums it up: "sorry u are correct, i'm sorry bro....these are a parts for a diff customer. I'll have your's ready shortly bro. thx again "

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    Mini update: Posted in thread above. We are still going back and forth with no end in sight. I really don't feel like having to get the BBB or the police involved or whatever you would do in this situation, but I may have to. I'm not sure why they don't want to send me back my money and call it a day.

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