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Thread: building a complete mag....but new to mags.. need advice or suggestions

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    building a complete mag....but new to mags.. need advice or suggestions

    ok.. I have been playing for over 15 yrs and I have never owned a mag before. I have built and owned several cockers and matricies and I currently have a sizeable vintage matrix collection and I do work on other peoples as well.

    I have been wanting to get into mags for some time but it just hasn't happened untill now. I have been prowling about on all the forums and ebay, reading up on these guns and looking to see what has caught my eye. I decided upon building my own from all new parts and I have already made my mind up on what the gun will look like and what main parts it consists of. I just need some answers on anything I may have overlooked or haven't included in my list of what I have and need. Please feel free to comment on what is still needed or any changes you think may be for the better. Ohh.. and my build is being centered on going as light as possible

    Here's what I currently have purchased

    1 UL agd frame with grips and trigger
    1 Lukes UL rail
    1 new x valve never used
    1 deadly winds foregrip

    Here's what still need to buy....

    1 body (either agd ULE or XULE)
    1 feedneck
    1 set of fastners for frame to body
    standard macroline fittings and line

    Is there anything I'm overlooking??? any odd pieces I'm forgetting???.. Take into account that I have never had a complete gun in front of me to look at as far as parts go and Ive only looked at diagrams online

    Any other suggestions??

    Thanks for you help
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