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    link to regular thread or copy over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronobreak View Post
    link to regular thread or copy over?

    PTP Micrococker, Nestle Reversed Cocker, Bonsai splash hypermag
    Ok greenies, I need your help. I want one of the carbon fiber mag bodies being discussed over on AO but I want to make some room and raise funds before their production run.

    So here is what I am willing to give up in order to make room. I put these out in the main sections earlier, but you fine folks get to shave a bit off those prices.

    Nestle Reversed Cocker. Shot flawlessly until very recently when it developed a small leak from the LPR. $350

    PTP Micrococker. Cocking lug has taken its toll on the backblock, at some point the front was retapped for +2k threads, and there is a strip of ano removed under the front block on the passenger side. This wont come with front pnues or a vert adapter. consider it a project. $250

    Bonsai Green Hypermag. Close to working. Everything came from working guns, but it just needs to be fiddled with and set up right. Barrel is silver splash and rest is gold but it is REALLLLLY hard to tell. In most light they look just alike. $450

    I found a stainless freak kit so i dont need this any more. threads are smartparts. .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693


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    That pretty much sums it up!

    Nestle cocker is sold.

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