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Thread: So I got this 2k9 emag...

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    So I got this 2k9 emag...

    I picked up a 2k9 emag setup. It didnt come with a valve so I dropped in a level 10 Xvalve with the wrong on/off. After getting the washer, battery saver plugs, foamies, and a couple other odds and ends, I think it is ready for teching and tuning. I know this is a bit of a blasphemous thing to say in this neighborhood, but I don't really want to do it myself. Who is THE MAN when it comes to these 2k9's? I remember watching the thread for a couple years as things just got worse and worse for people involved with these, but it seems like there is a pretty good handle on how to get one up and running. Should I be talking to BigEvil, Tuna, Luke, someone else?


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    All three of those guys can tech the crap out of an emag.

    That said, some people have issues with their MM2K9 and haven't solved them, some people had issues and are now doing fine, and some (like myself) had no issues at all.

    Gas it up, see what happens. If you get stuck, ask here and start over. If that doesn't work send it to someone.

    There's no shame whatsoever when it comes to tech'ing and tuning emags - plenty of people have trouble with stock ones. Once you get it running how you want it, though, you're set for a long time.

    Make sure you've got your SS washer installed. There's two types, one that slides in/out, and one that is pressed into place.

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    and/or you can slap a mech frame on tha MM2K9 first to tune your valve if its not tuned already and to see if there are any velocity issues…then try the E-Mag lowers and test those? do ya have a .712 on/off pin and quad o-ring?

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    It currently has the ULE on/off. I never get that right... ULE, ULT? Not emag anyways. I have the drop-in washer.
    Thanks gents. Reebs, you might be getting a bunch of texts from me over the next few weeks dood. I am busy as hell this week, so.. yeah.

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    Being a emag you want a rt on/off with the quad original and .712 on/off pin. I don't think that the ult will have enough return to reset the sear

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