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Thread: Sydarm revisited

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    Sydarm revisited

    I acquired a sydarm in a recent trade and wanted to do something a little different.
    You have all seen Reeb's pistola mags. He gave me the idea for mounting an ASA to the rail and here's the result-

    I drilled and tapped the VASA so that it could sit against the frame and rounded out the top of the ASA to account for how the benchy widens at the rail. I then put a benchy frame and CCI bucket changer on her (more trades) and think she's look'n pretty hot.

    The rail on the grip gives a few options for HPA-

    I'll have some gloss black ccm fittings on the way soon to get those hoses right up against the marker. Then she'll really pop and still be able to fit in a holster.

    Also thinking of getting a cocker-thread adapter and finding a freak back with super short tip to lengthen the barrel 1-1.5".
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    haha…it wasn't my idea eh?

    how man shots per 12gr are ya getting?

    wheres ur lever changer???

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    Reebs, I gave you credit from the start.

    I can't use anything thicker than the bucket changer because then it couldn't screw into the asa that's under the rail. So the lever changer is out. A dropout changer is a possibility, but then it would be longer than the rest of the marker.

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    rocked this with the 13ci tank for a while this weekend. I definitely need to get better at reloading, but it took people by surprise to have a pistol charging at them and it points really well.
    I am very pleased with this marker and can't wait to get my longer barrel and get it cut down. The bucket changer and paint tube are flush with one another. I think I'll cut the barrel 1" longer.

    More pics soon.

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    How are you going to put a pump kit on it?CIMG3121.jpg
    I took the road least where the hell am I ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runamok View Post
    How are you going to put a pump kit on it?
    really like that mounting board. I have sold off all my pump mag stuff and now only do cockers for pumps (just the way I started).
    What is the metal on the bottom of the frame of your mag?

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    It's looking great, and glad to hear you're pleased with how it plays. Reloading is a b**** though.

    I checked, and that taso barrel I have isn't a center feed. Sorry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zulubravo44 View Post
    I checked, and that taso barrel I have isn't a center feed. Sorry about that.
    I have a barrel on the way. It's a little long, but has the dual detents and I'll cut it down and polish the end. It should come out really well.
    Should have that all done and pics up sometime next week.

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    I made a "target" type base pad, after unsuccessful attempts to find any affordable target pistol grips. And my wall mount board is wormy cypress. Makes for a beautiful home for the Sydarm.

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