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    KAM Designs M86 Run #2

    KAM Designs M86 Run #2

    It appears there is enough interest in these to be able to do another Run
    Gloss Black

    Dust Black


    Trigger, grip panels & screws included but not shown
    All parts will be anodized to match.

    • AGD Spec where it counts.
    • 86 degree (CCM based shape)
    • Mounting for Fabco MSV-2 & clippard MPA-3
    • Tapped for Sleeper LPR mount Capable. The frame will be tapped 1/8NPT on the bottom but. You will have to modify the MSV-2 & its mounting plate. It will not come modified.
    • Frame accepts 2X emag trigger magnets above the forward trigger stop.
    • Can be used on twistlock guns or non twistlock.
    • Sear release hole for use on pnuemags.
    • AGD Saftey compatable. (Safetey NOT Included)
    • All Stainless Steel screws/pins
    • Trigger included, Forward & back stop setscrews.
    • Grip Panels included.

    This run I will allow the buyer to chose if they want "AO ARMY" Engraved on there frame. It will be in the same location as the "BEO Mafia" on this frame. On both sides. It will be in the same font as the AO ARMY jerseys are.
    It will be a additional fee. Going to the machinist for setup.
    That fee will be $30

    Other custom engraving is available but there will be a minimum number needed to be ordered. And price will need to be determined on complexity. Custom engraving is not available on orders of 1 frame.

    Now the specifics.
    As soon as I have enough spots filled I will have these started.

    Pre-order is only open for 1 month.

    Price will be $200 CLOSED

    Your choice of finish.
    Dust Black, Gloss Black or Raw (no discount for raw)

    $100 Payment to secure your frame due now.
    Absolutely No refunds. Unless the project falls thru then full refund will be made.
    $100 upon completion. Add $30 if engraving option is chosen.

    Time frame to Completion: TBD upon preorder finish & shop availability

    Post then PM me for payment info.
    Include: Both in PM & Payment notes: Your Address, your screen-name, Which forum, Your finish preference. Also please include M86 Run #2

    We need to fill a minimum of 10 Spots for these to be started.

    1) Swiss Cheese: Gloss Black: AO ARMY: Deposit: $100 (extra grips & extra trigger gloss)
    2) Knownothingmags: Raw: AO ARMY: Deposit: Paid in Full
    3) Mole1119: Gloss Black: Deposit: $Paid in full
    4) RT Lover: Gloss Black: Deposit: $100
    5) maverick13: Gloss Black: Deposit: $100 (extra grips & extra trigger raw)
    6) Barkingspider: Dust Black: Deposit: Paid in full
    7) fierymartal: Gloss Black: Deposit: Paid in Full
    8) soulcoffin: Gloss Black: Deposit: Paid in Full
    9) goin5150: Gloss Black: AO ARMY: Deposit: $130
    10) Rschoi_75: raw: AO Army: Deposit: Paid in Full
    11) hawaiianking: Gloss Black: Deposit: $100
    12) OPBN: Raw: Deposit: Paid in Full
    13) Blamtro: Dust Black: Deposit: $100
    14) alpha_q_up23: Dust Black: Deposit: Paid in Full
    15) Sandman: Gloss Black: Deposit: Paid in Full
    16) Donut SD: Gloss Black: Deposit: Paid in Full
    17) Levi: Raw: Deposit: Paid in full
    18) Levi: Raw: Deposit: Paid in full
    19) Knownothingmags: Raw: Deposit: Paid in Full
    20) Cripes2: Gloss Black: Deposit: Paid in Full
    21) keiko_819: Gloss Black: Deposit: $100

    I am NOT limiting the production run. As many that are ordered will be made. Possibly some extras but no guarantees there.

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