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Thread: can any mag r/t?

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    can any mag r/t?

    I recently got a new reg that will let me increase the output(at 920 right now) and when I hooked it up to my minimag(stock as far as I know) I actually got a little bit of bounce. I can get another kit to further increase the output on the reg but wonder if it is worth it. I got the mag as a free fixer upper and I replaced all the o-rings and got a spacer kit to fix a leak but don't know much about it beyond that.

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    I think some will say no. But I've had similar happen when I had a maxflo reg set at 1100 my minimag valve with stock on off rear 8 hole mod seemed to have a lite trigger pull and a little bounce.
    Some will say your sear is worn or bolt but in my experience both were new on my gun

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    the sear and bolt were pretty much new too

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    In any valve, classic's included, you will get better flow with higher pressures. That always helps pushing the trigger back. The difference is minimal with classic valves and much more pronounced (as designed) with retro valves.
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