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    consider me inactive for who knows how long.
    things here after my car accident have turned a lot of things upside down.
    im having trouble breathing and moving.
    the doctors have said there isn't anything wrong with me. so im not sure why this is happening.

    along with that im finding some stuff out little by little that are tearing me apart.

    so I wanted to thank the many many people for all and any help up until now.

    sorry this is really short and sour but this is me signing out for a while.

    good luck to all,

    KNM."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    hope a speedy recovery and you get fixed. need to bring that triple to LL7, and be healthy enough to carry that thing around.

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    Wishing you well,hope you get better.

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    Take care man. And good luck with your recovery.

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    Hope all gets better for you soon man

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    Wish you recover soon.

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    thanks to every one

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    Yes God bless and speedy recovery with a healing of all that troubles you.

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    Sorry things went south on you man, but glad to here your boy is alright. Hang in there and think positive.

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    Sorry to hear that! Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

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    so I know its been a two days or so, and about a few valium later,
    but things are looking up great thanks to my father most of all.
    and great thanks to people on here who actually have listened to me and given me much needed support.

    I am now thinking short term day by day and so far im feeling 100% better in my head I guess you would say.
    still have the pain but whats a lota pain without having any, that's what I say anyways.

    thankyou again guys,
    as you can see im a selling drooling troll now.
    cant wait to see what you have in store and hope I impress some of you finally with some of my works to come.

    Ryan M.

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    Thanks for the update, Ryan. It's good to hear that you're in a better place, mentally. Keep up the positive attitude and you'll feel physically better, more quickly, too.

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    finally got a follow up with a great doc.
    put me on some good meds, I mean good as in good they help, no good like im trippin balls.
    I feel very much improved. I work on small stretches everyday now, and walk more with my son.
    and just overall am very happy.

    mustang is not dead the dealer I purchased it from is fixing it, insurance is of course covering it.

    thanyou to everyone who has taken the time to speak with me or leave messages.
    * side not I have no regrets, on selling any of my gear.

    I showed what I have left to a buddy at school today, and it was an awesome reaction. I really wish I could have video taped it.
    he literally dropped his jaw, and was like are you serious you did this, I said no but the idea was mine to have these markers, the ano schemes were performed by an artist, and I of course told him about Caustic Customs.

    it was nice to get that reaction.
    im hit the hay.
    I have one project left that im gathering info on. and then we are done.
    well done when the parts that are left are sold. PLUG: BUY MY STUFF. please

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    I'm glad you're feeling a little better, hopefully it's a lot better soon.

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    Very happy to hear things go better for you.

    And you'll get your mustang repaired !

    It's all good !

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    Great! Looks like BST prices are going back up
    Glad to hear you're on the road back.

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