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Thread: killa detents help

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    killa detents help

    What's right on kills?

    i will b running dual detents
    thin left side more in barrel

    had to wrench in some not forced right side

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    no one?

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    what are you asking exactly?

    is it okay that one is in farther than the other? yes, it should be fine, as long as it clears the bolt. you can also put a oring on the outside, to give tension so you can unscrew the detent out.

    also remember, the second detent hole is not perfect, none are unless they are cut at the same time. the threading could be slightly off, the hole as well. so that will give you a different depth as well as a different place where the threads were cut.

    if you use an oring, i think its a 010 or a 011.

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    helps when you use complete sentences when asking your questions.
    but yeah what nobody said about the orings is the way to go.
    you can get nice kits of oring at harbor freight for this type of stuff. supper cheap and will have enough for years to come.

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    c i think they were hitting the bolt maybe idk for sure the marker was short stroking ALOT, plus they would back out some on their own. i used the orings that came with them but maybe stronger o rings will be better because i dont think the stock orings just smashed so easily

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