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Thread: Intro to the AO group.

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    Intro to the AO group.

    I don't know if this is the right place but I figured since I've posted a couple times, I might as do an introduction. I "started" with paintball in the mid 90's when my parents bought me a new pmi hornet. At that time no one was playing in my area so it sat in a closet for close to a decade when my cousin asked to borrow it. He got into it big but I was working a lot at the time.

    I got into photography and was invited to a big scenario game at CPX to photograph his team. After getting shot multiple times,I was done taking pictures and wanted in on the fun. They handed me an a5 and it was over with. I ran with my hornet for a long time and decided it was time for an electro. For some reason I gravitated toward ICD and bought a bko for $100 from a local shop and realized I got hosed with a bad body and a crap dual cocker detent job.

    I fell in with the ICDO crew and went nuts. I built the best pds bko money could buy. I succeeded with the exception of adding a promaster noid and ram. Since then I've built 4 bushmasters, a bko, a bkomaster, freestyle and a few cockers and other markers.

    I'm a bit of a tinkerer and I was looking into other types of markers. I've always wanted a mag and finally found a minimag on CL for $60 and jumped on it. I've seen what people have done with agd markers and have always been interested in them. now that I have one and will have it up and running soon, I already have a desire for a pnuemag(in due time).

    this place reminds me of the ICDO community and I'm sure I will learn a lot here.

    here are a few pics of my set up. It's a bit of a mess right now but oh well. sorry for the crap phone pics.

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    Welcome aboard the mag train. Hope your wallet is ready... that first mag is going to be sprouting many baby mags...

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    The old wallet took quite a hit with my ICD markers, and if i had my way i would have bought most of the custom ones that came up for sale on MCB recently. I have a feeling that Mags will end up costing me a bit but at the moment I'm not a huge fan of all of the fancy(not to mention Pricey) dress up parts. I'm getting a bit more simplistic the older i get. This one will probably stay mech but I'm sure that i will eventually amass enough parts to spawn more.

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    welcome to the addiction

    To leave feedback: Click seller/buyers name, Click feedback score, Click leave feedback

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    I don't have that many mags anymore but the ones I do have I would say are nice,
    if your need upgrades there are many nice looking parts for sale in the sales thread sections hint hint

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    I have had my eye on your threads for a while now. I wish I could afford a lot of what you have, but sadly my job is hit and miss right now. Once it gets back on track, I'm sure you guys will see a bit more from me.

    I have my parts from tunaman paid for and once I get this one up and running I'll be in the market for a level 10 then I'll start work on another one. I'm really liking the look of the sleeper pnuemags with the lpr hidden in the grip.

    some of my newer markers might have to go on the chopping block to help with the newest sickness. the bad thing is I still have a few more markers that I want to get into. One being an earlier DM and the other being a nicer angel

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    60 for a mini mag! Good score. Especially if it came with the warp.

    Welcome to the family. A lot of us have used and loved mags for years.

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    Looks like a pretty decent minimag for $60. I bought my first Automag in the mid 90's paid $400 if I remember right. These things are such a deal now!

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    bout time you started posting here. if anything, try to come to LL7, and not only you get to see some mags in action, but actually get to talk to the people that built them.

    but what they say is true. mags beget mags. had my classic for years, then onto my Emag, now onto what i would like to have turn into a pump or a pneumag, then i'm sure there will be a 4th. i just don't know what yet.

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    Welcome to the obsession. If stuff starts disappearing around the house to fuel it..."it wasn't me", just pretend you don't know what they are talking about.

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    I bought the warp separate for another project. Probably knowing I would have a mag at some point. If I can make it to LL7 I'll be there. Traveling has put a bit of a damper on local paintball and my regional auto-x competition.

    I've been lurking on here for a while before I registered. I do a lot of lurking before and after I register on most sites and usually only chime in when I have something relevant to add.

    if things end up missing it's only because I want them to. I become very attached to the markers I own. they all have a story behind them and it becomes troublesome to get rid of certain ones.
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