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Thread: The breeding cycle of the Classic Automag.

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    You can't kill an 68 Automag. My original gun still works very well. Still has the original non-removable sear, and bolt with a foamie that was made and glued on by my teammate that worked at Fermi lab. Some kind of nuclear material and glue.... Still has the c-clip powertube.
    I still have over 200 Automag field rentals, many have been on the field since 1991. That's 7 years before Tippmann came out with The model 98, and they claim that's the worlds best field rental....I don't think so...

    How can any gun ever even compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    You can't kill a 68 Automag.
    Yes you can. become a machinist and sneeze... no more automag

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    I've done that.....

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    I was always a cocker guy in the mid/late 90 early 200s. I was young, loved to tinker, and being the go to guy people would line up every week after they messed up their timing etc.. It felt great that people would seek you out if you were even descent at working on them.

    We (my teams) didn't use Mags because 1. They chopped paint 2. They chopped paint 3. They chopped paint.

    You could be at tournys and see guys leaving if they forgot their squeegees' because it was then game over. You automatically knew they weren't playing with a cocker or an angel.

    However, today, years later after being out of the loop and now seeing the improvement in AGD bolts the story has changed in my mind.

    Though I love the sound of a cocker, I don't want to even touch one. My days of obsesive tinkering are over. I do not want to mess with timing, barbs, hoses, rams, auctuator rods etc. I want a solid gun that doesn't run on batteries and can give me great perfomance.

    My choice now is a mag and a level 10 bolt. Done!

    Yes, unfortunetly we all like candy and that drives the changes, but a mag package consisting of vert feed body, retro or X valve , good grip, and hpa is simple and worth it over all other options.

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