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    Cougar's Ever growing collection

    So this is my collection of guns. These I still own. I hardly ever sell anything.

    1) Blue/Black Bob Long Millennium. My first gun. Bought it new.

    2) Purple Pumpmag
    Built it from scratch. My first Automag

    3) Red AKA VLM. I had been after this for a couple years. Finally got it in 2005

    4) Teal AKA VLM. Wasn't looking but a call from a friend saying he was selling it was all it took.

    5) Punishers Customs "Bad Fishy" Bob Long Millennium

    6) Custom Bob Long Millennium. I was told G3PB did the Milling

    7) PTP FX/STO Autococker, Jungle Nights. Technically the wife's gun. But she has no desire to play.

    8) AKA Merlin

    9) AKA BlackWidow Spyder #0016

    10) Custom Bob Long Millennium

    11) AKA VLM Spyder, G3PB Milled.

    12) AKA VLM Spyder, Custom milling by DC ano by ATMF

    13) AKA VLM Spyder "Envy" Custom milling by Jackel Machine.

    14) Custom Ano Bob Long Millennium

    15) Euro Xmag.

    16) Shockwave Emag, Gold color really brings out the milling. Its the color I envisioned it when designing the body.

    17) E90 Classic RT. Its a Bastard creation. When it works I would put it against any mag. Its that fast. When it works.

    18) M90 Classic RT Pnuemag

    19) SC Pumpmag. This is the gun I designed the M86 for.

    20) Adrenaline Impulse. Yes SP may have sucked but they made some nice stuff.

    21) Kapp Lava Autococker. This was a gun I bought. It is how I bought it. It was a special order gun and is 100% original.

    22) BPS Twister Lite autococker. Original Ano. I have the tanks for it but they are huge so they are stored elsewhere.

    23) Blue Smear 98 Rightfeed Autococker. It matches my M90 RT Tanks a 114 so I dont store it one the gun.

    24) FBM Gothic Spyder "Plague"

    25) CCI Phantom. Probably have more into this little toy than any other gun. Its addicting.

    26) 98 STO with a BPS Reflex kit. Its a monster that will shake itself apart. Loctite is its friend.

    27) Custom Karta Emag, Caustic Anodized

    28) Red/Black Bob Long Millennium. Still new in box.

    29) Bob Long Millenium Spyder, Black Mako framed.
    No picture

    30) Niche Nemesis #3 of 30.

    31) FN-303

    32) Carbon Fiber Minimag

    33) ANS GX4 Autococker, Gloss Pewter

    Ive got several others in parts laying around that need to be reassembled purple smear Minimag RT Zgrip for example. A second shocwave that is at ano right now, 2 more millennium spyders waiting for assembly.

    I honestly feel like I'm forgetting some.

    I HAVE A PROBLEM. There Ive taken the first step.
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    I keep forgetting to not feed my mags after midnight so they seem to multiply regularly.

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