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Thread: Jawbone BIG Jambox Demo Unit

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    Jawbone BIG Jambox Demo Unit

    Up for trade is a Jawbone BIG Jambox Demo Unit.

    It was a retail store demo.

    It is in excellent shape

    There is a bit of residue from a sticker on the back of the unit (Easily Removable).

    It is designed to run a demo audio loop when you press the play button on the top of the unit.

    I have done a search, and from what I read, there is a way to bypass it and reset the device and update the software to turn it back to normal.

    I have gotten it to pair via Bluetooth by doing a soft reset.

    Note: The Big Jambox will only work plugged in to power.

    It does include the factory Jawbone AC adapter.

    Also included, a Jawbone MINI Jambox Demo in Diamond Blue.
    It is in excellent shape also, and it has the same demo features as stated with the Big Jambox.


    Possible trades: JT Flex Mask (In good condition), Eggy, Retro Valve parts kit or ?
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