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Set was up for sale previously on Ebay and dealt with a non-paying bidder. Recently sold some sets to AO members on Ebay and took care of them very well.
Hoping to get some more of the original parts listed on AO.

Post and pm me please.
Please feel free to ask any questions. I'll try and check in as much as possible.

This is an OEM set of gold anodized original factory produced parts by Airgun Designs for the 68 Automag.
First $150 will own these pieces of history.
Beside the OEM colors being rare to see new, the highlight to this auction is the rail.
This is most likely the last brand new OEM gold rail to exist. The rail is factory pump milled and comes with the barrel lock and bushing.
I am not looking to part the rail at this time as this is the only one I have and want to sell it with the set.
The set will be shipped Priority Mail included. I can make other arrangements like UPS for shipping but extended costs will cost the buyer.

The set includes:

8 inch Crown Point
8 Inch Standard
8 inch MiniMag
11 Inch Crown Point

Vertical Bottle Adapter
Sight Rail
MainBody Rail
Powerfeed Plug
Also includes the Viewloader vertical front grip.

9 total pieces

I have quite a bit of these types of parts in the stock colors minus rails, bottom and back bottles.
I am working on listing the different colors and parts for the forum.
I do have black rails, non-pump milled and quite a few bright dipped rails (chrome like) that are pump milled. All brand new.
These can be added with other colored parts. I also have new black and chrome PF bodies if anyone needs a clean one to work with.
I can discount those with sets.
This is a work in progress to get the items posted individually.