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Thread: Spring pack ?

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    Spring pack ?

    I took my mag out today and the velocity was jumping around +/- 20. I was using a freak kit. So I decided to do a complete tear down and rebuild. I found the spring pack was very loose. I checked it against another valve I have and that spring pack was tight. My question is, can the loose spring pack be an issue?


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    Spring packs never wear out. I have never seen a bad one unless it was physically broken in some way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunaman View Post
    Spring packs never wear out. I have never seen a bad one unless it was physically broken in some way.
    I have rebuild kit ordered. Hopefully that will help. Thanks for the input.

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    I doubt a repair kit will have any parts for a spring pack. But Like Tunaman said, those assemblies are nearly impossible to wear out. Keep in mind that there were several forms or "looks" to the spring pack over the years on automags. It would not be out of the question to see two packs that did not look exactly the same. These are all mag spring packs, that look slightly different.

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    Thanks again to everyone who chimed in. I still haven't had a chance to work on this yet.

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    another thing it could be is the paint. if it's particularly out-of-round or oblong, you'll get some balls that load in loose (low fps) or tight (higher fps). may or may not be the tank regulator; i'd try another tank just to check though. try overboring and see what it does ("matching" is the least consistent, you want an overbore or underbore). or just try a stock barrel for kicks. do the usual things; make sure the reg seat is clean, clean the piston and regulator body, make sure the reg piston is clean and oil that up good. i guess you did all of that though already.

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